Art installations

Art is a very important part of Kiwiburn and we encourage everyone to create. Anything you wish to bring with you or create on site is welcome. Don’t be scared to think too small or too large. Bigger is not ALWAYS better, but we do like big interactive creations!

If you have a particularly large or structural installation envisaged, want to drive your Mutant Vehicle (or art car) around the site, or wish to work with fire, please read the large installation setup guide, fill in the installation register or email with your questions regarding art installation. Don't forget we also offer art grants every year, with submissions usually open for submission from late September!

Registering your art also ensures it will be shown on our Site Map, available to view on-site at the Depot and Artery, and that it will be included in our Event Guide - so your art will reach more participants!

If you want a Kiwiburn Art Grant
you will need to register your art
and go through the health and safety plan process.

Art Register