Registered Art Installations 2014



The Man

The largest and most central burnable art structure at Kiwiburn is The Man. Each year this wooden effigy is custom built to reflect the Art Theme and is growing in stature as the festival grows. He is ceremonially burnt on Saturday night... Don't miss it!
"The Man" is the core of the Burning Man festival, which itself has roots in an ancient pagan ritual, 1000s of years old. Read more about the history of the early years of Burning Man here. Kiwiburn, as New Zealand's Burning Man Regional, aims to inspire a similar bringing together of the community as in the early days of Burning Man: "Today a colony and soon, an international community of like-minded friends — all drawn by this towering effigy — a gateway to a primal ecstasy of communion, celebration and consummation."

The Temple

The Temple is also a Burning Man tradition. Each year, a non-denominational temple is built where anybody can go to meditate, pray, perform ritual or just contemplate quietly. Many people choose to write messages to loved ones, or notes of things they would like to let go from their past, or simply thoughts they would like to put out to the universe and leave them in the temple.
As the festival progresses and more people leave their messages of hope, loss, and life, an energy builds up in the Temple, culminating in the burning on the last night of the festival, and a giant cathartic release of emotion.


CHIME is an interactive music and light installation. Participants activate lights which represent notes in a musical sequence, creating a beautiful ambient soundscape and a mesmerising light show.

Community Camera

We want to see *your* Kiwiburn. The idea is that I will provide an HD video camera, a charger, memory and some instructions (on a laminated sheet). It would be great if you could take the camera and shoot bits and pieces of your burn - your friends, family and whanau; what you do and who you do it with; anything, really ... then return it to the charger when you're done. The resulting footage will creative commons licensed and put on a server for anyone to download. Hopefully, then, the Kiwiburn community has some raw footage to interpret the burn in whatever way we see fit (I, for one, will be making a music video). Please come to Chime, or find whoever has the camera and just record that which is of interest - and we'll see where we go from there. CONSENT IS NOT IMPLIED - PLEASE ASK BEFORE FILMING/PHOTOGRAPHING SOMEONE.

Dr IPA's Merkaba

Dr IPA of the Metatron's Cube School of Sacred Geometry presents a partial merkaba shelter. Enjoy dappled light through higher dimensional trees during the day, and a vehicle to the stars by night, all to the tune of an array of complimentary incense flavours. Campers are encouraged to decorate the exterior and interior of the merkaba as they see fit. Beginners lessons in sacred geometry available by request.

Dream Amplifier

The Dream Amplifier concept pertains to a kinetic art installation in line with Kiwiburns's 2014 theme, 'Forgotten Dreams'. A horizontal plane dream catcher is suspended up to one meter from the ground. Four to five meters in diameter, the Dream Amplifier will suspend up to 8 people above the ground comfortably and safely. Open 24 hours a day, accessible to children and adults alike. The interactive nature of this project involves climbing, lying, relaxing and reflecting. Participants will be encouraged to channel, manifest, discuss and record their dreams and aspirations. If a participant wishes, they may record these on supplied material, which will be delivered to the temple before the burn.


This is the mobile component of the F.A.R.C. theme camp. we will be bringing you music and shade around the Paddock.

The Grove Theatre

The Grove Theatre is a performance venue/workshop space - but will be surrounded by an art installation, The Grove, which is going to be all sorts of fun. UV lighting, all sorts of interactive art projects, a night glow toadstool forum (with sit-able toadstools!), Andy's incredible light garden... and other things besides.

Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick

This will be an interactive musical piece which will include a 2 PVC paddle instruments facing each other so that participants can jam together. There will also be a couple of didgeridoos to play on (with alcohol spray and wipes) and depending on the funding I will have a "Man" shaped gong to play. This piece will be enhanced with EL wire for night time playing.

Kinetic Display V3.0

The Kinetic Display v3.0 is a completely interactive kinetic tribute to intense colour and art. You won't want to miss this!

Lazer Kitties!!! Peow Peow!!

In the darkness near the end of the universe, get to the end of the lazer obstacle course successfully to reach the pot of gold, receive your prize and possibly become a LAZER KITTY!! *come early once dark for child friendly play time

Mikey's Hug Deli

Custom designer hugs. Mikey's Hug Deli has branches around the world. In 2012 a team from the USA introduced us to this wondrous Deli. Since then, we have had negotiations with the famous Mikey, and Captain Lumos now holds the NZ Master Franchise for "Mikey's Hug Deli". If you saw it before you will notice a new shop design and decor; if you have not sampled the menu you must make time to enjoy what we have to offer. We are also looking for full- and part-time staff; full training will be given on the job, and excellent staff benefits are included in the package.

The Museum of the Oddities of Time and Space

Visit the Museum of the Oddities of Time and Space. Discover the history and influence of the Royal House of Time Peregrination.

Paddock Post

I would like to provide a postal service for the burn, with a similar ethos (on a much much smaller scale) to the international post office at Burning Man. I have always loved sending and receiving letters, from a childhood of writing to penpals, often lost and forgotten with growing up, to the rediscovery of letter writing in long distance friendships and relationships and the great feeling holding something real in your hand from someone you care about – so much more precious than an email. The project will include an excellent mailbox with options for;
Mail to the paddock
Mail to the big wide world (which I will add postage to and send after the burn)
A couple of other options, maybe
Mail to other burns
Mail to the universe (to be distributed to the letter-writing inclined in the world outside the burn to reply to – require a return address)
There will also be a collection of paper, envelopes, craft materials and writing things to help people make great letters. Mail will be collected from the box daily and sorted, for delivery on the paddock or after the burn as appropriate.

Pirate Adventures Part VI – Dreams of Land Pirates (aka Terror Now Stalks the Land)

Running the Pirate Ship at Kiwiburn for 5 years has been a dream job for me, a chance to take a boat load of participants at any hour of the day or night to experience the peace and beauty that was Lake Kiwiburn. Many Kiwiburn participants from around the world have journeyed with me, but now Lake Kiwiburn is no more and the dream is no more, I hope it is not forgotten too fast. My first thought was to choose between turning the pirate ship into an Art Car or a Stage, then I realised it could be both. As always, participants will be encouraged to climb aboard and come for a ride when we make our trips around the paddocks. We also wish to continue our pirate kids' events where the younger ones are encouraged to join the Lost Boys, Peter Pan and various other characters in an afternoon of mayhem. When not being used as a Pirate Ship it will be available to be used as a stage for music and drama. To assist with this we will fix a large white board to each side where we can write up the details of where and when gigs are planned.


Burning Mans Opulent Temple style fire effects

Psylent Dreams

This large sculpture arena will come to life at night. *wobble* *wobble* *wobble*

Rainbow Allies

Mobile art/sound installation.
Rainbow Allies is a life size model airplane. It will be mobile and have a sound system, keg and lighting.

Rock Star Dreams (The Inspiration Station)

Come and record / perform audio art. Rockstar Dreams is set to hit the paddock for 2014. Ever wanted to record your song, or audio art and have it delivered to the masses? Come and see us and we can make it happen. All finished recordings will be passed on to local DJs for mixing into the nights dance sets, so you can have the masses throwing it down to your sonic creations in no time. BYO instruments / sound making things, or if you would like to join the production or roadie crew, get in touch. We welcome any and all expertise / enthusiasm.

Room of Doom

Welcome to the Room of Doom. Enter at your own peril . . . .

The Royal Equerry's Stable

Take a picnic and go to the races. Select one of 10 individually crafted Hobby Horses and Trot your way around the Race course. Play on your Pony midfield and make up your own game somewhere between Croquet and Polo. Bats/mallets, balls, goals, croquet arches.Day or night fun for all. Provided with help from the Arts Grants of Kiwiburn and Lippylou La Bouche.

The Sensorium

An overload of the senses. The Sensorium is an intimate sensory ride for one person at a time. You sit, you push the button and you experience a collision of light and sound.

Steam Dream

A Steampunk/Jules Verne era rocket that will address the forgotten dream of achieving space travel in the 19th Century. Come and take the rocket for an orbit of the Burningman worldwide regional network!

Tianma - High ho Hoiho

"The Heavenly Horse (Tianma) Walks in Space". (?=walk,?=space/sky). Inspired by the forthcoming 'Year of the Horse' in the Chinese Calendar 2014, I wanted to create a piece that would surprise and excite. The running horse is a symbol of freedom, so I wanted to bring Hoiho to Kiwiburn, where running free is encouraged. With regard 'Forgotten Dreams': Having been bought up around horses and learnt to ride at an early age, and having gotten thoroughly sick and tired of being kicked and bitten and thrown and stomped on I took to Motorcycles with a vengeance at age 10. Much easier to control and you could turn it off. I have now created my own horse, that i get on with, doesn't kick or bite, and i can turn it on and off. Bliss. Our rolling lighting illusion uses eye-trickery and electro-luminescence wire to create a gallop. Having first encountered EL wire at Burning Man 1999 we have often incorporated it with our oversized willow lanterns, with this being my first foray into pure el animation, a material we love for its low wattage, low voltage and adaptability. See it run at I am looking for extra cyclists for night time riding, who won't be drunk!

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