Registered Art Installations 2015



The Man

The largest and most central burnable art structure at Kiwiburn is The Man. Each year this wooden effigy is custom built to reflect the Art Theme and is growing in stature as the festival grows. He is ceremonially burnt on Saturday night... Don't miss it!
"The Man" is the core of the Burning Man festival, which itself has roots in an ancient pagan ritual, 1000s of years old. Read more about the history of the early years of Burning Man here. Kiwiburn, as New Zealand's Burning Man Regional, aims to inspire a similar bringing together of the community as in the early days of Burning Man: "Today a colony and soon, an international community of like-minded friends — all drawn by this towering effigy — a gateway to a primal ecstasy of communion, celebration and consummation."

The Temple

The Temple is also a Burning Man tradition. Each year, a non-denominational temple is built where anybody can go to meditate, pray, perform ritual or just contemplate quietly. Many people choose to write messages to loved ones, or notes of things they would like to let go from their past, or simply thoughts they would like to put out to the universe and leave them in the temple.
As the festival progresses and more people leave their messages of hope, loss, and life, an energy builds up in the Temple, culminating in the burning on the last night of the festival, and a giant cathartic release of emotion.

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