Registered Art Installations 2015



The Man

The largest and most central burnable art structure at Kiwiburn is The Man. Each year this wooden effigy is custom built to reflect the Art Theme and is growing in stature as the festival grows. He is ceremonially burnt on Saturday night... Don't miss it!
"The Man" is the core of the Burning Man festival, which itself has roots in an ancient pagan ritual, 1000s of years old. Read more about the history of the early years of Burning Man here. Kiwiburn, as New Zealand's Burning Man Regional, aims to inspire a similar bringing together of the community as in the early days of Burning Man: "Today a colony and soon, an international community of like-minded friends — all drawn by this towering effigy — a gateway to a primal ecstasy of communion, celebration and consummation."

The Temple

The Temple is also a Burning Man tradition. Each year, a non-denominational temple is built where anybody can go to meditate, pray, perform ritual or just contemplate quietly. Many people choose to write messages to loved ones, or notes of things they would like to let go from their past, or simply thoughts they would like to put out to the universe and leave them in the temple.
As the festival progresses and more people leave their messages of hope, loss, and life, an energy builds up in the Temple, culminating in the burning on the last night of the festival, and a giant cathartic release of emotion.


Burning He.Arts are 4 interactive controllable LED hearts via Wifi used with an iPad. They started as a lightweight art project for being setup all over the world. He.Arts is a small part of an bigger art project which has been to Afrika Burn ’14, Nowhere ’14, Mindburn (Austria) and Munich BBQ Burner Meetup,

Wonky Tonk Clock

Interactive rainbow clock tower with chakra healing sound loop. Provides a mediation healing space and inter plays with the concept of time as well as providing knowledge on the chakras for healing purposes. Made of bamboo. 2.5 m high and 1m sq.  Red fabric curtain walls, speaker sound loop, rainbow glow in the dark clock face, fairy lights up the bamboo corners. Large red cushion to meditate on and different coloured silks hanging down from the roof to represent each different chakra colour. Interactive sound healing. Sustainable healing art installation.

the one that got awa

a metal worked Salmon/ trout jumping out of the river. there will be gaps in the body to allow light to pass through at night and will be anchored into the river bed

the tea cup

A flaming art car - giving home brew to those with cups

Mikey's Hug Deli

We are the HUG specialists

Fire Tornado @ Balrogs Playpen

The Fire tornado will be operating every night to amaze all that gaze upon the swirling, twirling, fire tornado.....

The Grove

The Grove is back, with more awesome. Contained in a marquee, the UV and light shroom grove and garden will be your fluorescent nighttime creative/chill zone.  This was last year If you want to help us make this year better - we'll probably need some help with install/deinstall and if you're good with electrics etc that'd be a bonus.

The Fountain (This is Art)

This is Art, as Marcel would say. Discover your inner surrealist dancing with Toilet-DJ. Be in touch if you'd like to be part of the exhibit (small art only please), or give a workshop.


During the day, Yashoda will show you the most beautiful thing in the world. In the night, she will show you infinity.

The Room of Doom II (The Return)

The Room of Doom makes a return to the paddock in 2015 after successfully spinning burners out last year. So come for a trip, if you dare

The Frottage Cottage (Adults only)

Roll up!  Roll up!  RUB UP!! RUB UP!!  Enter The Frottage Cottage..Leave the rules of personal space to the rat race for here you may embrace, disgrace and interlace!

Fluorescent Explosion

Come experience the fluorescent explosion!This collection of art brings together physics and florescence in ways you would never expect or believe. Every piece of art is interactive and for all ages.Bring your energy for conversion :)


Tensegrity - The Sensorium but spun harder.

Sting Ring

Sting Ring is back again after a year hiatus.  Come push buttons and make lovely, large, luscious columns of flame with the rest of us hooligans.

Rain Forest

Rain Forest is a light art work with no specific intent other than to make you think about the beauty of this world in which we coexist with nature… The electronic components have all originated from the earth as everything does. I hope this piece will make a few people smile.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Self-Determination

The New Zealand's Wailing Wall project debuted at Kiwiburn in 2013 (see the website on Facebook for full details and documentation of this extensive project). This event will expand on the work of NZWW, focusing on questions about self-determination, the meaning and application of personal and social freedom, and whether (or not) New Zealanders want these attributes. All people are welcome to participate as equals and as artists.

Creation Station

Creation Station is YOUR Art Studio on the paddock! Stumble in at any hour of the morning to find creative company as you draw, paint, collage, sculpt in the presence of others – all materials provided. There will be many collaborative canvases for you to leave your mark on as well as art based challenges for those of you that want a little direction! Host an art workshop from here, or come along and participate in one.  After the burn we will have a group exhibition displaying these works at ""Alpha Gallery"" in Wellington (a new community space) – We can sell/auction/raffle off the art and as a community decide where that money should go. Creation Station will need loads of help from all of ya'll to pull off a really unique and exciting exhibition event and to produce work to fill it! Come on by and get amongst it!

[your art here!]