The importance of a Pirate Ship

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home made Pirate ship on a hazy lake

How to make Art Grants work for you, by Pete Lumos Wyatt It is January 2008 in a paddock next to the Mangakino MX track, in the middle of the North Island. I am here because my friend Polly Lind suggested I should be. There are 182 people here, mostly youngsters, and I only know a couple of them.  Currently … Read More

Burning Man Imagery appears at Paris Fashion Show

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by J Damrow What happens at a burn stays at a burn, unless all involved give explicit permission, right? Most would agree that this is a clearly understood and entrenched concept. So how would you feel if your intimate messages, inner most thoughts and written memories of loved ones scrawled on the Temple walls appeared in a fashion show? Your … Read More

Karl de Jong on his artwork, ‘Nebula’, Kiwiburn 2018

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Photo by Karl de Jong   Please give a brief overview of the story of your project – what was it? What inspired the idea? I stumbled across Firmament (a Burning Man art piece) and loved how much of an impact the lights had while soft music was played. I couldn’t get enough of the videos posted on youtube and … Read More

Paddock Art Series #3: Human Canvas

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Yuli Heled’s Effigy-inspired piece from Kiwiburn 2017. Photo by Yuli Heled. You are the Canvas at the Grand Bizarre! By Hayley Ware     The third in the Paddock Art Series is here! This time I’ve been talking to Yuli Heled, an accomplished body painter who will be bringing her talents to the Paddock for us all to enjoy! “What … Read More

Paddock Art Series #2: Reality Intra-Fabricating Trans-Dimensionaliser

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Art by Olivia Hollard @beyondameteurart Mildly Mysterious Art Manifesting at Kiwiburn By Hayley Ware and Fergus Bassett     In the second exciting installment of the Paddock Art Series, I’ve been chatting to Fergus Bassett who is bringing an exciting, interactive and um, slightly…. different art project to Kiwiburn. The specifics are under wraps for now, so I won’t dive … Read More

Paddock Art Series #1: Nebula

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Karl de Jong’s 2017 Paddock Art, ‘Birdie McBirdface’. Photo by Tangent Awesome Art Coming to the Grand Bizarre! By Hayley Ware     It’s that time of year when everyone is hard at work planning, designing, creating and constructing fantastic creations to bring to Kiwiburn! On the Paddock we get to see the final product of all this work, though … Read More

Respecting contributions of art

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Helping Hand by Nico. Photo by Tangent

‘Helping Hand’ by Nico. Photo by Tangent   THIS IS A SPECIAL PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT from the Kiwiburn Pro-Art Protection Agency A unique part of the incredible world we encounter on the Paddock is the fabulous art to be discovered there. The nature of Kiwiburn means weird and wacky art has a chance to shine outside of the context of … Read More

Bringing art to Kiwiburn from across the ocean

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Shadows artwork at Kiwiburn 2017 by Mike Doddds, Seattle USA

Photo of Shadows by Peter Jennings In 2017, a group of artists from Seattle applied for an Art Grant and brought their interactive light and sound sculpture, Shadows, to Kiwiburn. An equilateral triangle (2.5m sides) suspended, point down. The edges of the triangle were illuminated with high-density, addressable LEDs. Each corner of the triangle contained an ultrasound range finder, allowing … Read More

Introducing the new central hub of Kiwiburn: The Village!

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The kiwiburn valley

Located in the upper paddock, The Village is designed to be a vibrant cultural and informational hub. In this space you will find the The Depot (info and ice sales), The Artery and the new and improved Centre Camp. This hub is also a space for art, music, lounging, shade and possibly coffee! This central area is a starting point for … Read More

What’s it like to plan and build the effigy?

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Have you ever thought of building the Kiwiburn Effigy? Find out what the experience is like from Nico Skyfister who brought us the 2015 Papatuanuku Woman Effigy. Planning and building the effigy was one of the most challenging and exhilarating experiences I have ever undertaken. It is not something that can readily be undertaken on your own without the support and … Read More

Processing the Temple of Wyrd

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Have you ever wondered how the Temple and Effigy even exist at all? Who designs them? Who builds them? Who decides? What are they… even? Rohana Weaver was the successful applicant for Kiwiburn 2015’s Temple design. She put together a team and led the build to make it happen.  She enlightens us about what designing and building the Temple was like for her: … Read More

What’s it like to build large art on the paddock?

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Tensegrity by Joel Pitt at Kiwiburn 2016

By Joel Pitt I’m one of the creators of Tensegrity, a spinning 3m tall metal and LED light sculpture that we took to Kiwiburn Wyrd in 2015. The previous year (2014) I’d brought the Sensorium to The Paddock, which was my first exploration into electronics, construction, and art installations. While there were lots of ups and downs, things breaking, and learning from experience, after the … Read More