Burning Man Imagery appears at Paris Fashion Show

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by J Damrow What happens at a burn stays at a burn, unless all involved give explicit permission, right? Most would agree that this is a clearly understood and entrenched concept. So how would you feel if your intimate messages, inner most thoughts and written memories of loved ones scrawled on the Temple walls appeared in a fashion show? Your … Read More

Respecting contributions of art

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Helping Hand by Nico. Photo by Tangent

‘Helping Hand’ by Nico. Photo by Tangent   THIS IS A SPECIAL PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT from the Kiwiburn Pro-Art Protection Agency A unique part of the incredible world we encounter on the Paddock is the fabulous art to be discovered there. The nature of Kiwiburn means weird and wacky art has a chance to shine outside of the context of … Read More

The Temple In A Heartbeat

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The Temple is one of the things that makes burns different from other festivals. It belongs to no religion, yet it is spiritual; it is a place for emotion, for release, for grief, for letting go… it is a sacred space. Sometimes people get too carried away with their radical self-expression and fail to respect the Temple, those who made … Read More

How we use the Ten Principles

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We recently stumbled upon this great write-up about how different people relate to and enact the 10 principles at Burning Seed, our Australian sister burn.  This was originally posted on Philosophy of Burning, by Wonka.   Recently, I’ve surveyed many members of the Australian Burning community broadly about their experience with the principles. Beautiful, inspiring stories of transformative effects in … Read More

The Temple at Kiwiburn

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Temple Burning remains

We asked a veteran Kiwiburner what the Temple means to him: Life is full of heights and depths, whether we like it or not.  We run headlong towards the heights and we tend to find satisfying ways to pretend that the depths aren’t really there.  A few days of radical height-seeking on the Paddock can lead to finding yourself in … Read More

Kia Ora: to international burners coming to Kiwiburn

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2015 Kiwiburn Effigy and fire performers

This was a guest post for the Nowhere blog by Isa Ritchie   After journeying through the rolling hills of our Lord-of-the-rings-esque landscape, passing unperturbed cows and sheep, and stopping in quirky old fashioned small towns, you will find yourself at New Zealand’s version of burner reality: Kiwiburn. Prepare for lush green pastures, friendly faces, wild parties and refreshing swims in … Read More