The Operations Team responds to your 2017 Census feedback

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Poppy Norman on the Paddock

Kiwiburn’s Operations Team Lead, Poppy Norman has taken the time to respond to your questions and comments from this year’s Census. Her role involves overseeing and supporting all the onsite departments, Team Leads and managers, as well as liaising with the Council, landowners, vendors and emergency services. Poppy is onsite for one month as well as planning during the year. … Read More

What’s it like to plan and build the effigy?

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Have you ever thought of building the Kiwiburn Effigy? Find out what the experience is like from Nico Skyfister who brought us the 2015 Papatuanuku Woman Effigy. Planning and building the effigy was one of the most challenging and exhilarating experiences I have ever undertaken. It is not something that can readily be undertaken on your own without the support and … Read More

Keeping the Paddock tidy

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Moop left behind

When we’re not frolicking on it like radioactive spring lambs, our beloved Paddock is actually a very full dinner plate for our woolly ovine friends who also call the Paddock home. Whatever we leave behind on their carpet/salad is something they might unwittingly ingest. A beer cap in a sheep’s stomach?  That is definitely Matter Out Of Place (MOOP).  None … Read More