Art Grant Submissions due 16-October!

Arts Grant submissions for Kiwiburn 2011 are due in three weeks, so if you're looking for sponsorship for your Installation, you'll need to get onto that real soon now!

Tickets on sale

Tickets for the 2011 Burn have now gone on sale. Details can be found on our Tickets Page.

Kiwiburn 2011 Details

The Kiwiburn 2011 dates are Wednesday, 26 January (10am) to Monday, 31 January (10am). Kiwiburn's art theme for 2011 is "Twisted Reality." General information about the event can be found on our Resources and Information page.

Afterburn report now available! - Please read before AGM

Go have a look, it's riveting reading. There's a princess, and swashbuckling, some blood..

Annual General Meeting June 8th

Some of you might not know this, but Kiwiburn is a New Zealand Incorporated Society and everybody who bought a ticket to a Kiwiburn is a member. yes, even you! Because of this, every year we have an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to which all members are invited. This year's is on 8th June at 8pm and is being held at Jodi's house, 2 / 229 The Terrace, Wellington.