2014 Afterburn Report Out Now!

Each year we have a debrief after Kiwiburn to learn what worked well and where we could improve. The team leader of every ‘department’ files a report. Have a read and find out where your money goes, how the event was managed and what we could change. Thanks to all the hardworking volunteers who help make Kiwiburn a safe, fun place to be - have you thought how you could be involved more?

You can read the Afterburn report here.

2015 Dates Announced!

We have some fantastic news to share with you - we'll be back in Hunterville next year! Kiwiburn 2015 will be held from Wednesday 21 January through Monday 26 January. The theme discussion will be underway soon, meanwhile you can start making travel plans back to the paddock!

2014 Excom Summit #1!

The Excom is wrapping up the year after another wonderful event, ready to start looking forward and planning for 2015! We recently held a small summit - head here to find out what we talked about! Summit #2 is happening at the end of May, so stay tuned for more news regarding our organizational structure! Wooo!

Always Take the Weather With You

Tickets are flying out the door - it's going to be the biggest Kiwiburn ever! The weather is warm in the day and cold at night and generally changeable. Of course the forecasters are always wrong, though you can check it out here: http://www.metservice.com/rural/wanganui

Standing on Shaky Ground

There was a 6.3 earthquake on Monday. Everyone and everything is fine on site, except for a few cliffs down river. If you're planning on bringing or building anything that could be a danger during any aftershocks, please reinforce accordingly.