2014 Art Grants Now Open!

This year, the Art Grant Committee has a total of $9000 to give away!
Applications for large grants (over $500) will close at 5pm on Saturday 12 October.
Applications for smaller grants (under $500) will close at 5pm on Saturday 16 November.
The process for applying for an art grant has changed to a standardised online form. If you are interested in getting assistance to make your dream project come true, please head to the Art Grants page for more information.

Site Search Update

You can check out the lay of the land of the proposed Hunterville site on Kiwiburn's YouTube Channel by following the link to Bruce Scanlon's movies: http://www.youtube.com/user/Kiwiburn

Minutes from the 2013 AGM

Kiwiburn recently held our 2013 Annual General Meeting (AGM). Miss out? You can find the minutes on the Forum.

Census 2013 results published

For your entertainment and edification, a link to the PDF file of the 2013 Kiwiburn Census results has now been added to the Afterburn page.

EnlightTENment Poster

The winning design in the KB 2013 poster competition has been announced. You can see the finished poster in the right-hand sidebar of the website, and download copies to print yourself.