Auckland Decompression

On Friday, April 30th, Auckland Kiwiburners new and old gathered at the Pull Bar to have a decompression and to celebrate the International Arts Megacrew, led by our very own Chris “Kiwi” Hankins, as they journey soon to Reno, Nevada to build this years’ Temple at Burning Man. By all accounts, the evening was a terrific success, raising over $1400 for the Temple project.

Come to Your Census

Thanks to everyone who had the chance to fill out and drop off a census. If you didn't, the ExCom is still very interested in hearing from you.

That's it for another year...

MPW have finally left the paddock...after two weeks of blood, sweat, lack of sleep, humidity, bruises, mooping and Karl.


MPW tough types Ash, Ryan and Hana had a cry.

It's Official!

It's officially Day 1 of the festival and at 3:00 pm there are more than 200 people on site! We have surpassed our population of 2008.