be nice to you

Electric Fencepost

The festival season is aaallllmost over, and although many of us are still riding the sunny waves of summer there can be dark clouds looming.

Post Festival Blues is a thing! (During Festival Blues is a thing too, for that matter). Whether you had a great time, an awful time, or somewhere in between, coming back to your Regular Life can be daunting and downright depressing. This here is a short post to acknowledge the shitty things you might be feeling and recognise that there are not-so-fun aspects of festival and summer life – it can be difficult when everyone else is having an amazing time and you are, well, just not. 

Just, indulge in some self care (whatever that looks like, you know you best), look out for each other, listen to each other. Embrace some civic responsibility throughout the year.

What more?

If it floats your boat; connect – find an after-burn event in your area (here are the Facebook pages for Raglan, Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington, know of another? email us; join the Ignition and Kiwiburn community online, ask a friend for some time/an ear/a hug, go to Fidel’s cafe in Wellington every Friday afternoon! 

And finally, thanks Anika Moa.