Burning Man is oveerrr!

Kiwiburn Media Team

Factoids from Burning Man 2018:
  • Dates: 25 August – 3 September
  • Location: Black Rock City, Nevada. As the crow flies that’s 8 miles NNE of Gerlach… 100 miles NNE of Reno… and 7000 miles NE of New Zealand
  • Temples burned: 2
  • Plane crashes: 1 (no injuries)
  • Carjackings: 1 (the car was soon recovered)
  • Arrests: 44, which is 14 fewer than last year
  • Attendees: heaps more than New Zealand (70,000)
  • Brushfires on the main highway: at least 1
  • Drones: at least this one. The burn perimeter looks to be about the same size as the entire Kiwiburn site! Errr…

And now, look at the pretty pictures/maybe read the articles. Warning: FOMO may be experienced. 

…look! Pictures with captions! It’s like really being there…

…read this in the SF Chronicle about the temple, it’s purpose and meaning for many. Some of the pictures could be triggering.

…this article talks about San Fran Decompression in October, which is great, but the picture captions are hilarious! A who’s-who of (b-list?) celebrity attendees – fashion designers, photographers, models, oh my! 

…what do Burning Man, a jumbo jet and journalism have in common? Ummm.. membership models research apparently. It’s disco time.