A delightful dusting, a delicate dispatch

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Here are some things we have gathered that you should now about. There will be a quiz about this next week, with some *sick* prizes, so read up! Pufferfish Fundraiser! Last week we wrote a thing about a Pufferfish fundraiser but failed miserably at telling you that it will be in Wellington. Pretty sure their Facebook profile is the only … Read More

Round up the Regionals!

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Here’s your slick summary of other burning events from around the globe – what’s on, what happened and what the hell?! You may learn a thing or to about Kiwiburn while you’re at it… Going to AfrikaBurn next year? It’s on 27 April – 3 May tickets are on sale soon! And perhaps you’d like to go to Blazing Swan … Read More

Regional Round up

Kiwiburn Media Team

  Midburn is back! Midburn is holding a smaller than usual Burn this October. While the Midburn  did not happen as hoped this year, a special, smaller Burn, Burn in Motion, is taking place this 30 October through 2 November. For details, stay tuned to the website and facebook page.   AfrikaBurn tickets will be on sale 29 October 2019.   The … Read More

More insights into Rangering

Kiwiburn Media Team

Some of the International Rangers who crewed at AfrikaBurn 2019

Some of the AfrikaBurn Ranger team   Have you been following Pete Lumos Wyatt’s KB-log series on Rangering? Lumos is an experienced Ranger at Kiwiburn and recently ventured back to Blazing Swan and onto AfrikaBurn. Parts three and four are now online. Do his stories make you want to volunteer at Kiwiburn? Read more here.

Radical Regional Round Up

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News from where we (probably) aren’t…   Diversity! Ten Principles! The culture chat continues; how do we apply this to our own country and community? Does it even apply? Read on! And make up your own damn mind. (PS: we hear there will be a whole series on these elusive principles… here is another one, keep your eyes out for … Read More

Regional Round-up

Kiwiburn Media Team

It began in AfrikaBurn Burners are descending upon Tankwa Town this week for some Ephemerality (from Greek – ephemeros) – the concept of things being transitory, existing only briefly.   Happy as Larry! Blazers! Make sure to tag your photos and stories with #blazingswan and #happyaslarry so everyone can see what you got up to.   Burning Man tickets ShowClix, the … Read More

Regional Round ’em up!

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Kia ora koutou katoa (please excuse me, I lost my macrons…), hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. This is what is happening in the Burning world around us, starting with the Big Kahuna. Burning Man needs your input – if you’ve ever been to the Mother Burn, are from USA, or even just have a vested interest in the … Read More

Regional Round-Up

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Lots is happening in the network of Regional Burns! First off is Blazing Swan, held in Western Australia’s Kurin from 17 April- 23 April. Each year, the effigy has to be in the shape of a Swan, which is worth seeing we reckon.  So grab one of the last tickets and hop on a plane.   The next major burn … Read More

Regional Round Up, nice to see you again

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Can you be too offensive at Burning Man? What is offensive when you follow radical self expression, shouldn’t you just walk away and practice some radical self-reliance? Read a Caveat rebuttal in the Burning Man Journal. Burning with Curiosity – a first timer attends Miami’s “Love Burn” and tells us all about it in this epic tale, way to go … Read More

The Froot Tree

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Your help is needed to grow an amazing camp, ‘The Froot Tree’, a space for younger Western Australian burners. Specifically created for older teens/young adult burners, this camp provides an open but completely weather proof indoor hideaway. A spacious cosy, beautiful, creative and comfortable bell tent to dance, play games, make music, make friends and make sure everybody is happy, welcomed, … Read More

Regional Round-a-bout… now

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Dare we say it… welcome to summer? Here are some slirpy newsies from around the world to whet your appetite for the months to come. Swwwww… …watch this feature-length docu-genre news story about Burning Man, in German!  …MOOP-a-dupa. Watch this and you’ll see the empty desert after all the German doc-genre-news-story-makers have gone home. Pretty different to the grassy knoll … Read More

Register for Blazing Swan

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Be as Happy as Larry next year in Western Australia. Register for tickets to Blazing Swan here.

Regional Round up – news from where we aren’t

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An amazing account of anecdotes and articles from areas far away from Aotearoa. In America – the big kahuna Burning Man is overrrr, but only just. A whopping 70,000 dust monsters will be dragging their heels across the country/planet as you read this, and the crew gearing up for strike. Here are some things from over there, in list form: … Read More