2019 AGM minutes

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Kiwiburn is an Incorporated Society which means it is required to hold and Annual General Meeting (AGM) to vote in the financials, the committee and any changes to the Society rules. And, it is a chance for you to have your say. The 2019 AGM was held online as a webchat on Thursday 8 August. What was discussed? Read the minutes … Read More

Another (minor) T&Cs Update

Kiwiburn Webmaster

Following on from the recent updates to the Kiwiburn T&Cs last month, a few additional changes have been made to clarify some definitions. Nothing major, though we are legally obliged to keep you informed 😉 As always, if you want to check the current T&Cs out, they are on the website, along with all the Kiwiburn Policies.

Tickets: more Burners on the Paddock in 2020!

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Kiwiburn tickets will be on sale 10am, Saturday 14 September! Everything is going up! The population of the Paddock is increasing to 2000 and tickets for Kiwiburn 2020 will be $195.00 + booking fee. It is costing a lot more than it did two years ago to hold our unique event. Where does the ticket money go? Check out the … Read More

We need Greeters Leads!

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Greeters picture girls hugging

Photo by Amy Potenger Like the idea of ripping people out of their default-world norms and plunging them into the more awesome reality of Kiwiburn? Greeting is one of the most immediately rewarding volunteer roles within Kiwiburn. You are the warm and grinning ambassadors of Kiwiburn, welcoming everyone Home. The Kiwiburn community needs Greeters Leads familiar with Kiwiburn culture and well … Read More

Kiwiburn Organisational Structure

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How Kiwiburn operates: Our Organisational Structure You recently told us that you’d like to hear and learn more about how Kiwiburn operates and who helps make it happen. For for all of you who’ve ever wondered how Kiwiburn actually happens, here is the low-down: Basically, a crew of hard working volunteers dig in and get things done. This involves work … Read More

Final Month for Kiwiburn Art Grants Submissions!

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We’re still calling all artists! (clue: that’s you) Have you got an epic idea for Kiwiburn 2020 and need a little help to make it happen? Art Grants are open until 1 September! It’s been a long time coming, your ideas and dreams have been stewing – now comes the time to collaborate and take action! Get those cogs turning, get … Read More

Kapow! Survey results are in

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You answered, we listened The Electric Fencepost Super Duper User Survey 3000 was created to make sure YOUR newsletter delivers what YOU want, and we are very happy with the feedback. We’re pleased to present the results from the nine questions we asked.  A HUGE thank you to the 93 of you who took the time (234 seconds on average) … Read More

Burning Man Seeks a Sustainable Future

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Burning Man has released a new initiative to address climate change on a year-round basis amongst the Burning Man community, which centre on three new concepts to be realised of the next 10 years: No Matter Out of Place. Handle waste ecologically. Be Regenerative. Create a net positive ecological and environmental impact. Be Carbon Negative. Remove more carbon from the environment than we … Read More

Community news from Burners Without Borders

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All hail community initiatives! Check out the Community Conversations Series web series brought you by Burners Without Borders (BWB). They have just released their third video, where they feature the leads of BWB-North Texas speaking on How to build a local Civic Minded Community. Suza and Amber give some great tips and tricks on how to get your community involved, how … Read More

Kids at Burning Man

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Ever wondered about children and what their place within the Burner culture is? Check out this great short documentary on kids at Burning Man. It highlights what Black Rock City means to the younger attendees, how they deal with that they observe and how it forms part of their childhood in the longer term. It chronicles some first timers as … Read More

Kiwiburn Facebook Page hits 10,000 Likes

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WElcome home on green grass speech bubble

Extra, Extra! We’ve hit 10,000 likes! Kiwiburn’s Facebook page has proven rather popular and is being followed by heaps of cool folk out there. Yep, that’s you! Not too shabby for wee little regional burning event at the bottom of the globe we say. Yay us! Keep up the good work and keep inviting your friends to this site. And there is also … Read More

National Volunteer Week

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‘Whiria te tangata – weaving the people together’ The theme of National Volunteer Week which started on 16 June. Kiwiburn is 100% volunteer run and there are many different ways to get involved – ranging from a one off shift with Greeters, to facilitating a team as part of the organising committee which works throughout the year. Learn more here. … Read More

Do you even Electric Fencepost bro?

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Kiwiburn would like your feedback to make sure your pluckly little weekly newsletter is working for you, so please take five minutes to fill in the survey with as much detail as you can. It was emailed to all EFP subscribers last week, so help us volunteers out and go find it in your inbox. Chur to the chur!

More insights into Rangering

Kiwiburn Media Team

Some of the International Rangers who crewed at AfrikaBurn 2019

Some of the AfrikaBurn Ranger team   Have you been following Pete Lumos Wyatt’s KB-log series on Rangering? Lumos is an experienced Ranger at Kiwiburn and recently ventured back to Blazing Swan and onto AfrikaBurn. Parts three and four are now online. Do his stories make you want to volunteer at Kiwiburn? Read more here.

Regional Round up

Kiwiburn Media Team

Poster for Burning Japan 2019. Theme is Hidden World

Burning Japan 2019 is coming in October! The sixth Burning Japan happens 12–14 October at the same venue as last year, Tumagoi, Gunma. This year’s art theme is Hidden World. As the name implies, it is a hidden world: A fairy tale picture book I read when I was little. An unforgettable song I heard hundreds of times. The words left by … Read More

Seed planted 10 years ago

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Neil Power says: “And so it was that on this weekend 10 years ago the very first Seed event took place in Bellingen, NSW. Just called Seed, the idea was to get a bunch of people interested in organisng a proper event together and see what sprouted, and12 months later in June 2010 the first ticketed Burning Seed took place … Read More

Conduct Committee dealing with incidents

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A recent post in our facebook Group sparked a robust discussion around dealing with community members exhibiting behaviours which breach our Conditions of Entry.  It is important to understand: Incidents can be reported on site to Rangers or the Site Manager when they occur, or any time after the event to the Conduct Committee. Organisers do not know everything about … Read More

Photos taken at Kiwiburn

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If you are using a photo to illustrate an Event, a Page, or a Group on facebook (or IRL) that you have found online, please remember to gain permission first, and credit the photographer. It is their gift to give, not yours to take. You may also need to get the permission of the people in that photo if they are easily … Read More

Burning Man community

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Aerial View of Black Rock City

What does it mean to be part of an ever-growing global Burning Man community? Burning Man Project’s CEO Marian Goodell talks about the challenges here. What does being a Burning Man influencer mean to you? Burning Man needs your help to reclaim the narrative around what it means to be a Burner. Read on. Read about the Project Citizenship Toolkit here. … Read More

Facebook Group rules 

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The Kiwiburn facebook Group has 10 rules to abide by which have recently been updated. They are all pretty much commonsense, though it is helpful to have clear guidelines in place, for those rare moments when the admins have to take some action. Keep being kind, and read on:   1. Be kind and courteous We’re all in this together … Read More