Build It And They Will Come!

Kiwiburn Media Team

Kiwiburn needs you! Effigy and Temple Structural Assessment Kiwiburn is on the hunt for a skilled human to help us up our game when it comes to assessing the safety of our large temporary structures on site. Kiwiburn is after someone with an eye for structural engineering (specifically regarding art and sculpture) to help us review the designs for the … Read More

Get to know your Effigy and Temple Leads

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Nico with Helping Hand Art

Helping Hand by Nico Woodward, 2016   Kiwiburn is such a creative community! The designs for both the Effigy and the Temple have been chosen, the details of which will be revealed on the Paddock. Meanwhile, we’ve spoken to the visionaries behind these creations to learn a little more about them and their art.  Congratulations on your submission being chosen. … Read More

Effigy and Temple Announcement!

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Time to get even more excited about Kiwiburn 2020 as the Temple and Effigy designs have been selected. Congratulations to both artists, and thank you to everyone who sent through their ideas. The Effigy is called ‘The Birthing Goddess’ and was submitted by Wellington Burner, Jeanne Dear. And the winning submission for Temple is ‘The Temple of the Future’ as … Read More

Effigy. Temple. Effigy. Temple

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Effigy 2018 by Andy Flint. Minotaur built of palettes with horns

Photo of Effigy 2018 by Andy Flint Deadline for Effigy and Temple submissions 1 September Have you ever dreamt of building a thing, sharing it with your fellow Burners on the Paddock and then setting it ablaze? This is your year! Get your Effigy and Temple designs submitted and see your creation come to life. It all starts on the back … Read More

Are you sitting on your Effigy and Temple designs? Get them in quick smart!

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  Photo by Volker Huenert   Howdy ho, it really is time, and your last chance to submit an EOI for Effigy and/or Temple designs. Make your Big Art Dream a potential reality! For all of the details, click away! Apply to build Temple or apply to build Effigy. You have until Monday 19 August 2019 (oh hey that’s like… a week … Read More

Meet Kali – Event Manager for Kiwiburn 2020

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head shot of Kali Zahira, Kiwiburn Event Manager 2020. 3/4 pose, smiling, black and white, long dark hair, wearing a white shirt.

In our series to introduce you to some of the behind-the-scene volunteers who help make Kiwiburn happen, we would like to introduce to you to… drumroll please… Kali, who is our brand-new Event Manager, a freshly created position for Kiwiburn 2020. However, Kali is not new to Kiwiburn, nor are the skills that she contributes. Kali has attended seven Kiwiburns, volunteering … Read More

Call out for Effigy and Temple designs for Kiwiburn 2020

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Temple of Perennial Bloom Kiwiburn 2018

Photo by BJ Wilson   CALL FOR KIWIBURN 2020 EFFIGY AND TEMPLE DESIGNS! The largest art pieces on the Paddock are created by passionate Kiwiburners like you. Do you have an idea? And a hankering to build large art? Make your ideas a reality – Kiwiburn is receiving Expressions of Interest (EOI) for both the Temple and Effigy crew managers. … Read More