Juicy Kiwiburn Volunteer Roles up for grabs

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Volunteers still needed! Have a look on the website for all open opportunities. They include roles on ExCom (the executive committee of people helping making the event happen), year round options and on-Paddock openings, all of which are important and all of which have one component missing: YOU! You make Kiwiburn happen, so register your interest and get involved!

Any Go-Getters out there?

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Dedicated and energetic Volunteers interested in leadership wanted! Kiwiburn is looking for a number of Executive Committee (ExCom) members. Do you have what it takes for a year-round commitment? Would you like to be on the forefront of shaping the event? Are you able to dedicate a few hours a week (more in busy times) towards making executive decisions, collaborate … Read More

Looking for the next Master of the Kiwiburn Universe

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Will you be the next Kiwiburn Chairperson? Leader of the Pack, Captain of the Ship, Overlord, Ringleader, Big Cheese, Top Gun! In the early days, the Chairperson was known as the Big Nob! Kiwiburn is looking for a new Chairperson. One of three Officer positions, it’s usually held by a Kiwiburner who has been involved for a few years, been … Read More

Re-shuffle in Kiwiburn ExCom

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Kiwiburn has a ‘New’ Services Facilitator! Committee Chair changes ExCom seats to focus on her true passion Kiwiburn ExCom Chairperson Jaz Hunter’s commitment to Kiwiburn has been strong for eight years now (wow!). Apart from her time as Chair, she has served as Gate Lead, Site Manager, Swag Lead and is currently Ticketing Lead and on the Event Management Team.  … Read More

Join the ExCom!

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The only constant is change  “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” – Jack Welch The ExCom is comprised of long standing volunteers working hard to create a sustainable structure which helps all volunteers get the good things done. Some of our long serving ExCom … Read More

Goodbye Jamie, and thanks for all the fish.

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From humble beginnings, he emerged, and now he is born again. Our Crew Facilitator Jamie is stepping down from his role. Keeping it real since 2017, Jamie has facilitated the crew with the panache of a suave French waiter, but with more dinner breaks. Thank you Jamie for all the mahi you have done over the past ye-ye-years; developing emotional … Read More

Meet Geveta – Kiwiburn ExCom Secretary

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In our behind-the-scenes series on who makes Kiwiburn happen, we have the pleasure to introduce you to Geveta, who does/runs/organises/helps with ExCom at Kiwiburn. A dedicated attendee of Kiwiburn since 2012, Geveta joined Kiwiburn’s ExCom in 2017 as Secretary following her participation in The Giant Weta project. The collaborative art project by Auckland Burners featured at Burning Man 2016 then at Kiwiburn in 2017, … Read More

Crew Facilitator Wanted

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Be a voice for Crew Team Leads and your community! We are all volunteers and someone has to wrangle us! Kiwiburn is after a Crew Facilitator to manage crew and provide them resources both on an off the Paddock. As well as being an active member of the Kiwiburn Executive Committee (ExCom), a role involving being part of strategic and … Read More

Meet Diia – The Kiwiburn Arts Facilitator for the 2020 event

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As part of our ongoing behind the scenes series on Kiwiburn volunteers, we’re delighted to introduce you to Diia, the Arts Facilitator for Kiwiburn, a member of ExCom and the KAC team. Her first Burn was Burning Seed in 2014 and she since been attending Trans Tasman Burns such as Seed and Kiwiburn, as well as Burning Man. Diia was … Read More

Site Safety Facilitator wanted!

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Site Safety meme Leonardo Dicaprio toasting with a champagne glass

Kiwiburn needs a Site Safety Facilitator! Fancy yourself a safe and sensible partier? Kiwiburn’s ExCom has an open volunteer position for Site Safety Facilitator! Year round, help make strategic and crucial decisions for Kiwiburn and work alongside a dedicated Team of Ranger Leads, Site Managers, and Health and Safety boffins as their ExCom representative to help keep the Paddock safe, … Read More

2019 AGM minutes

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Kiwiburn is an Incorporated Society which means it is required to hold and Annual General Meeting (AGM) to vote in the financials, the committee and any changes to the Society rules. And, it is a chance for you to have your say. The 2019 AGM was held online as a webchat on Thursday 8 August. What was discussed? Read the minutes … Read More

Another (minor) T&Cs Update

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Following on from the recent updates to the Kiwiburn T&Cs last month, a few additional changes have been made to clarify some definitions. Nothing major, though we are legally obliged to keep you informed 😉 As always, if you want to check the current T&Cs out, they are on the website, along with all the Kiwiburn Policies.

Tickets: more Burners on the Paddock in 2020!

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Kiwiburn tickets will be on sale 10am, Saturday 14 September! Everything is going up! The population of the Paddock is increasing to 2000 and tickets for Kiwiburn 2020 will be $195.00 + booking fee. It is costing a lot more than it did two years ago to hold our unique event. Where does the ticket money go? Check out the … Read More

Kiwiburn Organisational Structure

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How Kiwiburn operates: Our Organisational Structure You recently told us that you’d like to hear and learn more about how Kiwiburn operates and who helps make it happen. For for all of you who’ve ever wondered how Kiwiburn actually happens, here is the low-down: Basically, a crew of hard working volunteers dig in and get things done. This involves work … Read More

Updates to Privacy Policy and T&Cs of Entry

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Technical Stuff Announcement! Update of Kiwiburn Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Entry In not-so-exciting-technical news, some superstars from Kiwiburn’s Leadership Team have been hard at work clarifying our policies to ensure Kiwiburners have their best possible experience at events, and within the Kiwiburn community! Our goal is to be as open and transparent with our members, attendees and … Read More

Meet Kali – Event Manager for Kiwiburn 2020

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head shot of Kali Zahira, Kiwiburn Event Manager 2020. 3/4 pose, smiling, black and white, long dark hair, wearing a white shirt.

In our series to introduce you to some of the behind-the-scene volunteers who help make Kiwiburn happen, we would like to introduce to you to… drumroll please… Kali, who is our brand-new Event Manager, a freshly created position for Kiwiburn 2020. However, Kali is not new to Kiwiburn, nor are the skills that she contributes. Kali has attended seven Kiwiburns, volunteering … Read More

Kiwiburn farewells veteran volunteer and Operations Lead, Poppy Norman

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Poppy Norman on the Paddock

Like a lot of our key volunteers, Poppy likes to avoid the limelight, however, having been such an integral part of Kiwiburn over the years, we couldn’t let her leave without saying a few words. Poppy has been a custodian of the event from its early days at Whakamaru to what it is today. Her roles within Kiwiburn have been … Read More

Showing our volunteers the respect they deserve

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sput your hand up with love and show volunteers some love

Participation. It is a gift to the community. We all know Kiwiburn is 100% volunteer run, and that a handful of those amazing volunteers work year round to make the event happen. Are they crazy? A little. Do they love what they do? Absolutely. They give hundreds of hours of their time to help create a safe space for all … Read More

Tackling the Summit

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Every year after the event Kiwiburn’s volunteer executive committee, the ExCom, meet up over a weekend to debrief. With no event this year, the Summit agenda was all about planning for 2020, which is kinda important ‘cos Kiwiburn doesn’t pop up in a paddock like magic. Thank you to all who gave up their weekend and continue to help organise the event … Read More

Praise be Yonderman

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Yonderman with the first Kiwiburn Effigy in January 2004.   Mark Stirling, aka Yonderman, resigned from his role as one of New Zealand’s Regional Contacts (RC) this week. Mark founded Kiwiburn in 2003 after discovering Burning Man by accident in 1994, and has been involved ever since. He was our first RC and served on the Executive Committee at various … Read More