Burrowing Pufferfish Fundraiser

The Electric Fencepost

Who’s up for a PAAARTY? The Burrowing Pufferfish Theme Camp is throwing one epic weekend-long celebration to raise some much needed cash to help elevate their camp to the usual amazing experience that it is. It all starts on Friday 22 November and lasts until Sunday 24 November. You can still help shape Friday night’s festivities as those are being … Read More

“We’re not competition, baby, I’m the only one that does what I do.”

Electric Fencepost

Cha-ching, help to bring Paddock Radio to the Paddock in 2020!  Paddock Radio is a solar powered, not for profit radio art project that plays 100% submitted content. He is fundraising to bring the bangin’ tunes and great vibes to Kiwiburn and other festivals in 2020. While much of the equipment already exists, they need to raise 1500 huck to … Read More

Consent Club Givealittle Fundraiser

The Electric Fencepost

Consent Club is a 100% volunteer run organisation helping make festivals and parties as safe as possible by offering harm reduction and a friendly and understanding face. The Guardian Volunteers work with festival goers and organisers to ensure there are resources for anyone in need, and also by educating and improving consent culture in the first place. We can all … Read More

The Funky Freak Show rolls into town again!

Kiwiburn Media Team

Hey all you funky Burners out there, dress up as your funkiest freakiest selves and help three Theme Camps raise some $$ to bring even more deliciousness with them to the Paddock in 2020! This event will benefit three Kiwiburn Theme Camps! Funkhutt, Hijinxx, and MCC, the Mint Country Club. Please support them. Details here. What freak will you transform … Read More

Dig deep for Deep Space

Kiwiburn Media Team

If you were at Kiwiburn, Ignition or numerous other festivals around New Zealand the last couple of summers you’ve probably at some point seen or maybe utilised DeepSpace Festival Care, a group of volunteers who provide a non judgemental, confidential safe space at festivals and events to reduce harm and deescalate situations through compassionate care. The van that carries their gear … Read More

Support your camps and community

Kiwiburn Media Team

There are two special Burner events happening this weekend around the North Island, and both are fundraisers which will benefit Camp Nipple Clamp, Pillowtopia, Hijinxx, Funkhutt and a (nameless) new kid on the block! Go have FUN and help RAISE some much needed funds to help get a bunch of Theme Camps to Ignition festival in 2019. The Paddock needs them … Read More

Get yourselves to these Theme Camp fundraisers!

Kiwiburn Media Team

Rollup! Roll up! to the Funky Freaky Show! Hey all you funky freaky Burners out there, dress up as your funkiest freakiest selves and help a couple of Auckland-based Kiwiburn camps raise some much needed $$ to get them to the Paddock in 2019! Groove to the sounds of fabulous DJs (line up announced soon) at a good ol’ fashioned … Read More

DeepSpace needs your help

Kiwiburn Media Team

DeepSpace has its roots within the Burner Community. Similar to the Zendo Project at Black Rock, DeepSpace aims to create a space which provides care for those who need some respite, with a confidential, trained person to hold space for them as they go through their experience to ensure everyone is safe and has a good time. DeepSpace is getting … Read More