Round up the Regionals!

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Here’s your slick summary of other burning events from around the globe – what’s on, what happened and what the hell?! You may learn a thing or to about Kiwiburn while you’re at it… Going to AfrikaBurn next year? It’s on 27 April – 3 May tickets are on sale soon! And perhaps you’d like to go to Blazing Swan … Read More

Get to know your Effigy and Temple Leads

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Helping Hand by Nico Woodward, 2016   Kiwiburn is such a creative community! The designs for both the Effigy and the Temple have been chosen, the details of which will be revealed on the Paddock. Meanwhile, we’ve spoken to the visionaries behind these creations to learn a little more about them and their art.  Congratulations on your submission being chosen. … Read More

Final Month for Kiwiburn Art Grants Submissions!

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We’re still calling all artists! (clue: that’s you) Have you got an epic idea for Kiwiburn 2020 and need a little help to make it happen? Art Grants are open until 1 September! It’s been a long time coming, your ideas and dreams have been stewing – now comes the time to collaborate and take action! Get those cogs turning, get … Read More

Eclectic Decade winning poster design

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Kiwiburn 2020 Eclectic Decade winning poster design, by Erika Pearce

Wow! We had the most ever entries for the poster competition (six) this year which made for tough decision making for the Kiwiburn Arts Committee (KAC). It was super close, and the winner is Erika Pearce. Thanks to everyone who entered the competition, and to the KAC team!   Erika talks about her poster design: “I felt very inspired by … Read More

Regional Round up

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Poster for Burning Japan 2019. Theme is Hidden World

Burning Japan 2019 is coming in October! The sixth Burning Japan happens 12–14 October at the same venue as last year, Tumagoi, Gunma. This year’s art theme is Hidden World. As the name implies, it is a hidden world: A fairy tale picture book I read when I was little. An unforgettable song I heard hundreds of times. The words left by … Read More

Last call for poster designs

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Do you have an incredible idea for the KB20 poster? Untold glory and appreciation await! Thanks to those who have already submitted entries. Eclectic Decade poster designs are due by midnight tonight! Info here.

Burning Man news

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SPARK – connect with the community, noticeboard style. Discussing the theme, Metamorphoses, in a series of blog posts. Part one here and part two here. Plan your camp so that it is sustainable and Leaves No Trace—Earth Guardians has compiled this handy list of tips and resources, from how to reduce your carbon (and plastic) footprint to laying out an eco-plan … Read More

Drum roll please for the 2020 art theme!

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THE ART THEME FOR 2020 IS: Eclectic Decade   Thank you for all your art theme ideas – the winner is Jessica Smith, who explains: “Ten year resource consent means that as long as we keep doing the mahi, we have ten years of treats to look forward to! What kinds of changes do you think we will see by … Read More

What will be the Art Theme for 2020?

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We missed being on the Paddock this year and are now looking to the future. What will the Kiwiburn 2020 theme be? The 2019 theme was to be Fractalicious, and we are going to automatically add it to the list for 2020. You have probably had some divine inspiration over the past year and we’d love to know your ideas! … Read More

2019 Burning Seed theme

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After almost 100 theme submissions, the Burning Seed Theme for 2019 is… Zoophemism  How will you interpret Zoophemism for Burning Seed 2019? You could follow the description submitted by Jesseca: “Imagine a world where all euphemisms are animal related and puns are considered currency” or you can come up with your own interpretation. One thing is for sure, this Burning Seed theme … Read More

Vote for the Burning Seed 2019 theme!

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It’s time to get voting! There’s a staggering 100 Burning Seed 2019 theme suggestions just waiting for your approval. Some of them are actually serious suggestions! You have until 22 November to vote for your favourite. The top five themes will then be voted on at the annual Burning Seed Summit, and the winning theme announced soon after. The poll … Read More