Important ticketing changes: Black Rock City 2019

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“Burning Man is anything but convenient, and therein lies its transformative potential!” – Maid Marian A shift in the culture of Burning Man is driving significant changes in ticketing for the 2019 event. Read here about the changes put in place to preserve and protect the community ethos and maintain the integrity of Burner culture.

Southern Smoulder, August 2019

Electric Fencepost

Southern Smoulder is getting colder – this year, Pallet Town will take off in August, and tickets (at the time of writing) are going on sale in 24 days! Find out All of the Things on their website. If you’re really hankering for some southern love, never fear! Southern Simmer has your back. The weekend pre-event in Christchurch 9-10 March should … Read More

Register for Blazing Swan

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Be as Happy as Larry next year in Western Australia. Register for tickets to Blazing Swan here.

Burner Express Bus PLUS tickets on sale

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The Burner Express Bus PLUS tickets go on sale 12.00pm 13 June (PST). You can find more information here under the Burner Express Bus Plus heading. The Plus program is a Burner Express Bus ticket PLUS a Burning Man ticket and a great way for folks to grab a ticket who want to take the bus.

STEP is now closed!

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Any unsold tickets will revert back to their original owner. If you want to buy or sell a ticket, you now need to do this using Quicket’s Ticket Transfer feature. The method of payment is now between the seller and the buyer, so please use common sense and exercise caution. Tips to avoid scams.