Last Chance to Register your Theme Camp

The Electric Fencepost

Still faffing about trying to get your Theme Camp off the ground? Well, you’ve got less than a week to get it sorted before registrations close. The deadline is 30 November! That is in five days, so get registering. We ain’t gonna say it again, because well, not trying to be mean, but that deadline is before the next EFP, … Read More

Tankwa Town found a new home – yay!

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News from the southern tip of Africa! AKA South Africa! Or more specifically – AfrikaBurn! You might know this already but now you will know again. Monique, their Regional Contact, shared the wonderful news that they have found a new home after searching far and wide for seven long years. This is extra special! It has taken a while as … Read More

More impressions of Burning Man emerge

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The dust has settled and the Playa has returned to be a desolate, barren landscape. All that remains are memories –here are a few more links to indulge in all things Burning Man 2019: An interesting account of a first time Burner who has entered from one strange world straight into another in ‘Burning Man 2019 Through the Eyes of … Read More

Meet Kali – Event Manager for Kiwiburn 2020

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head shot of Kali Zahira, Kiwiburn Event Manager 2020. 3/4 pose, smiling, black and white, long dark hair, wearing a white shirt.

In our series to introduce you to some of the behind-the-scene volunteers who help make Kiwiburn happen, we would like to introduce to you to… drumroll please… Kali, who is our brand-new Event Manager, a freshly created position for Kiwiburn 2020. However, Kali is not new to Kiwiburn, nor are the skills that she contributes. Kali has attended seven Kiwiburns, volunteering … Read More

Kiwiburn farewells veteran volunteer and Operations Lead, Poppy Norman

Kiwiburn Media Team

Poppy Norman on the Paddock

Like a lot of our key volunteers, Poppy likes to avoid the limelight, however, having been such an integral part of Kiwiburn over the years, we couldn’t let her leave without saying a few words. Poppy has been a custodian of the event from its early days at Whakamaru to what it is today. Her roles within Kiwiburn have been … Read More

The cultural direction of BRC

Kiwiburn Media Team

As the event in the desert has evolved and our culture gains more traction and attention in mainstream society, questions and concerns have been raised around the size of camps, relative inclusivity or exclusivity, requirements for interactivity, and the placement process. How might camps continue to grow and change?   If you have ever lived in Black Rock City, Burning … Read More

Let the Town Planning team know your thoughts

Kiwiburn Media Team

Did you love the layout on the Paddock this year? Did you love your neighbours? Kiwiburn had a new Town Planning team for the 2018 event, and they are keen to hear your feedback! Let the team know how you felt about the layout. Take the Survey here.