Kiwiburn Media Team

Drink-spiking at festivals is becoming more common so your best defense is to be aware. Observe these guidelines to help keep you and your friends safe:

  • Keep your drink on you at all times
  • Be wary of accepting drinks from others
  • If you notice a strange taste in your drink or you start to feel weird, let someone know immediately. Tell a friend or the Site Manager. KEEP HOLD OF THE DRINK as evidence or give it to the Site Manager as soon as possible.
    Note: There is a Site Manager on duty 24/7. Find someone with a radio (Nighttime Security are highly visible) and ask them to radio the Site Manager
  • Keep an eye on your friends – if you notice them acting strange, look after them
  • Report anything unusual as soon as possible to the Site Manager, even if you’re not sure. You will be taken seriously and all information helps put an end to any potentially dangerous behaviour.

Help us keep yourselves and each other safe – let’s have a safe and happy Burn!