Getting help on the Paddock

Kiwiburn Media Team

Medical Emergencies

Medics are located in the blue building  in front of the crew area located at the back corner of Temple Paddock. Find someone with a radio (Rangers, Depot, Security, Site Manager) and get them to call the medics if the person is unable to be moved.

Serious problems, noise complaints, hazard warnings

The Site Manager handles day to day participant issues and monitors sound levels and site safety. They are the go to for any major (and minor) incidents and will act, document and record them according to site policies. If you identify a problem, or someone needing help, please contact a Site Manager immediately. There are two Site Managers on duty 24 hours a day, identifiable by a lanyard they wear saying, “Site Manager”.

Minor assistance, participant support

Rangers can be identified by their blue hi-vis vests. They are on duty 24 hours, with two Rangers on roaming duty, and two based in the purple Rangers station in Temple Paddock. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable or you have a problem, you can approach a Ranger and they will help you.

Rangers and Site Managers can also direct participants towards Sanctuary and DeepSpace, both safe, peer supported spaces for people having troubled times to rest and recuperate.

We are here to help you, so please make use of the support systems when needed.