Ignition news!

Kiwiburn Media Team

Hey you, the Igintion team area working really hard to make sure the event happens and they need you to check your email and respond asap if you:

  • applied to be a Theme Camp
  • applied to for an Art Grant
  • volunteered for Gate
  • volunteered as a Consent Guardian
  • volunteered for Ministry of Barn Works
  • volunteered to be a Ranger

If you have already responded, thank you. All the others, get to it!

If you have registered as a Theme Camp, and only if, you must have supplied important information to the organisers. If not, it is all here in a concise form for you to fill out. Get to it NOW!

* This is not an invitation to register a camp. Please do not enter any new camp details.

Performing artists are being sought. So if you have a kick ass act and would like to perform as part of a cabaret show flick Jaine a PM. She’s after high level, polished, experimental, outrageous and engaging for an audience to make something awesome. Acrobats, comedy, musicians, drag artists etc – is this you?

Cage Poi workshop is on. Look here.

Use space wisely! Ignition wants you to get friendly with your neighbours and share as much space as you can while on the Paddock, especially Theme Camps. Think about your camp layout and not spreading out too much if you don’t need to. Thanks!