Kiwiburn Organisational Structure

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How Kiwiburn operates: Our Organisational Structure

You recently told us that you’d like to hear and learn more about how Kiwiburn operates and who helps make it happen. For for all of you who’ve ever wondered how Kiwiburn actually happens, here is the low-down:

Basically, a crew of hard working volunteers dig in and get things done. This involves work year round, as well as in the lead up to the event, and of course on the Paddock itself. By definition, every Burn event is volunteer organised and managed. And by simply buying a ticket, you become part of this all too!

ExCom has been restructuring operations to streamline this process and clarify areas of opportunity where YOU can contribute to the creation of each Kiwiburn. After much discussion and deliberation (viewable on the ExCom Live thread for those who are interested), our revised Kiwiburn Organisational Structure is now live on our website, coloured coded and all! The chart provides an overview of the Departments and Teams that pull together to create our magical happy place. 

Key points of the Kiwiburn Org Chart:

  • Kiwiburn is organised by an Executive Committee (ExCom)
  • There are currently 10 ExCom member positions ‘Facilitating’ a given Department
  • Department Facilitators are responsible for the Leads and Teams listed below them
  • Teams are headed by Team Leads who are responsible for the volunteers that make up their Teams
  • The Conduct Committee exists as a separate subcommittee with its own storage resources. 

You can read a little about those currently in ExCom roles – their profiles are under the Org Chart. We are bringing you more info on volunteers in coming weeks in our Behind-the-Scenes series, so keep an eye out to learn more. Where do YOU fit in as a Kiwiburn volunteer? Check out our available volunteer positions and sign up to volunteer today.