Coders, look no further

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Calling all software savvy wizards, it’s time for round two! You may remember some time ago we were on the lookout for a magic crew of software ninjas to help with a special software development project. Well, that project is off the ground now and we are in need of one or two people with skills in JavaScript and / … Read More

Goodbye to Anne – Art and Theme Camps Coordinator

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Anne is stepping down as Art and Theme Camps Coordinator Yup, it’s true.  I have been the Art and Theme Camp Coordinator (A&TC) for Kiwiburn since 2012 so I feel qualified to say that this is absolutely the best volunteer job at Kiwiburn. As A&TC, I have been the first person to find out what crazy art and Theme Camps … Read More

Goodbye Jamie, and thanks for all the fish.

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From humble beginnings, he emerged, and now he is born again. Our Crew Facilitator Jamie is stepping down from his role. Keeping it real since 2017, Jamie has facilitated the crew with the panache of a suave French waiter, but with more dinner breaks. Thank you Jamie for all the mahi you have done over the past ye-ye-years; developing emotional … Read More

Get your Kiwiburner Profiles created and updated

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Planning to be on the Paddock in January 2020? Then you MUST set up or renew your Kiwiburner profile in order to purchase tickets when they become available on 14 September. They will likely sell out quickly, so you will want to have our profile sorted before then. Oh yes you will! Create your Kiwiburner Profile: Questions? Read the … Read More

Free Money!

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Kiwiburn Art Grant design Poster

Ha, that got your attention, didn’t it? The Art Grants applications deadline is 1 September! There are a number of grants available (Large: over $500, Small: under $500, and Innovation: $800), so hurry and make sure you get some of that moolah in your grubby hands to create, build, enchant and achieve your Kiwiburn dream in 2020. It will literally only … Read More

Effigy. Temple. Effigy. Temple

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Effigy 2018 by Andy Flint. Minotaur built of palettes with horns

Photo of Effigy 2018 by Andy Flint Deadline for Effigy and Temple submissions 1 September Have you ever dreamt of building a thing, sharing it with your fellow Burners on the Paddock and then setting it ablaze? This is your year! Get your Effigy and Temple designs submitted and see your creation come to life. It all starts on the back … Read More

New Shiny Survival Guide

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Updated Survival Guide available now All you need to know to stay safe, sane (well, within reason) and well during Kiwiburn in 2020! Have a read and make sure you are well acquainted with the morsels of wisdom present. The Guide has had a complete overhaul for the first time in many years, instead of just band aids here and … Read More

Burning Man is On. Literally.

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Burning Man 2019 is well and truly underway. A number of Kiwiburners are congregating in the dust at Black Rock City (BRC) as we speak (lucky sods). Here are a few stories from this years event: The Folly is a significant art project at BRC this year. Who built it? Get the lowdown. Are influencers ruining Burning Man? hashtag read … Read More

Meet Geveta – Kiwiburn ExCom Secretary

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In our behind-the-scenes series on who makes Kiwiburn happen, we have the pleasure to introduce you to Geveta, who does/runs/organises/helps with ExCom at Kiwiburn. A dedicated attendee of Kiwiburn since 2012, Geveta joined Kiwiburn’s ExCom in 2017 as Secretary following her participation in The Giant Weta project. The collaborative art project by Auckland Burners featured at Burning Man 2016 then at Kiwiburn in 2017, … Read More

Coming to the Burn? Create your Kiwiburner Profile Now!

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Create or update your Kiwiburner Profile now! Dreaming of being back on the Paddock in 2020? Tickets will no doubt be coveted, rarer than hen’s teeth, and spun from gold, so to get your excited hands on them, you will need to be registered to purchase them. Everyone has to make a Kiwiburner Profile or update an existing Kiwiburner Profile … Read More

Art Grant application deadline is looming overhead

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Kia ora Decathalonians, this is your friendly reminder to get your Art Grant applications in before 1 September. There are big ones (over $500.00), small ones (under $500.00), some as big as your head! Or an Innovation Grant ($800.00). Grants are assessed on the following points: Interactivity with people and the environment Relevance to theme Wow factor Ingenuity Cost effectiveness … Read More

Crew Facilitator Wanted

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Be a voice for Crew Team Leads and your community! We are all volunteers and someone has to wrangle us! Kiwiburn is after a Crew Facilitator to manage crew and provide them resources both on an off the Paddock. As well as being an active member of the Kiwiburn Executive Committee (ExCom), a role involving being part of strategic and … Read More

What’s it like to build a Temple?

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Photo by Volker Huenert Please note that the deadline for Effigy and Temple designs has been extended to 1 September! In light of this, we are having a conversation with BJ Wilson, the person to built the most recent Temple, for Kiwiburn 2018. His Temple of Perennial Bloom was a highlight for many, and here he tells us a bit … Read More

We Want YOU!

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sput your hand up with love and show volunteers some love

Volunteers needed! You might have noticed we have been posting a fair share of open positions to fill with lovely people to help bring Kiwiburn to life. It ain’t gonna happen without your help, that is for sure. An extra 200 people on the Paddock also means an increase in resources required, so have a look at the list of … Read More

The Man burns in 12 days

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Apologies to all of you NOT on your way to, or already frolicking in the Playa dust, however seeing as the granddaddy event is about to kick off, we can’t help but divert some local focus to what’s currently going on in a deserted spot somewhere in Nevada. Here a MOOP, there a MOOP, everywhere a MOOP MOOP! There is … Read More

Meet Diia – The Kiwiburn Arts Facilitator for the 2020 event

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As part of our ongoing behind the scenes series on Kiwiburn volunteers, we’re delighted to introduce you to Diia, the Arts Facilitator for Kiwiburn, a member of ExCom and the KAC team. Her first Burn was Burning Seed in 2014 and she since been attending Trans Tasman Burns such as Seed and Kiwiburn, as well as Burning Man. Diia was … Read More

Site Safety Facilitator wanted!

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Site Safety meme Leonardo Dicaprio toasting with a champagne glass

Kiwiburn needs a Site Safety Facilitator! Fancy yourself a safe and sensible partier? Kiwiburn’s ExCom has an open volunteer position for Site Safety Facilitator! Year round, help make strategic and crucial decisions for Kiwiburn and work alongside a dedicated Team of Ranger Leads, Site Managers, and Health and Safety boffins as their ExCom representative to help keep the Paddock safe, … Read More

Playa dust is in the air!

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Temple galaxia from Above via Drone Will Rogers

Photo by Will Roger   Burning Man 2019 is now less than two weeks away, and to whet your appetite even more (as if that was necessary), here are some snippets of news and info: Burning Man from Above Will Roger, a devotee who has been taking pictures of the Playa from the air over the years, has just compiled … Read More


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We strive to always make sure only verified info is published, though sometimes things slip through the net. The story about looking for Greeter volunteers from last week had the photo attributed to the wrong person. The correct photographer was Amy Potenger. We’re grateful we get to use your photos, so it’s important we get it right. Apologies for the … Read More

2019 AGM minutes

Kiwiburn Media Team

Kiwiburn is an Incorporated Society which means it is required to hold and Annual General Meeting (AGM) to vote in the financials, the committee and any changes to the Society rules. And, it is a chance for you to have your say. The 2019 AGM was held online as a webchat on Thursday 8 August. What was discussed? Read the minutes … Read More