Rangering Part III and IV

The Electric Fencepost

Check out the newest stories from our series on Kiwiburn volunteers and their experiences on our KB-log. These posts are part of a series about Rangering from the person who’s quite literally been there, done that – Pete Lumos. He has a few dusty T- Shirts to to show for his long standing association with Kiwiburn, Burning Man and a number of regional burns around the world.

In Rangering – My gift III, he dives in to his experiences at Afrikaburn, and in Rangering- My gift IV he gives insight into what Fire Rangers are all about, including those who patrol perimeters and keep participants safe (ehem that’s you).

You can’t beat years of experience, so have a look what Pete has to say. We certainly appreciate the time he’s taken to write these blogs, kia ora Pete!

Look our for more volunteer experience KB-logs in the very near future – and if you have volunteered (now or in the past) and would like to share with us, hit us up, yo!