Regional Round Up

Kiwiburn Media Team

Dragon Burn in China needs your help to build their effigy. More details here.

The Radical City: Dreamers, Makers, and Doers Each year, Burning Man Project hosts the European Leadership Summit (ELS) in a new place and in 2019, that place is Aarhus! This April, 200 Burning Man community leaders from 30 countries will gather in Aarhus on Saturday, 13 April. For more information about the ELS, check out the recent blog post in the Burning Man Journal.

The 2019 Man Base is revealed here.

Say no to product placement. Decommodification at Burning Man.

Running an event is not as easy as it may seem. Ask the Fyre team! What can we learn from that disaster? Read here.

Are you in Capetown this week? Ever wondered what goes on at AfrikaBurn‘s HQ? Meet the team.

Keen to be part of the new Burning Seed entity? Learn more here.

Have a design in mind for Zoophemism? The Burning Seed Theme Design competition is now open. Enter here.

MidBurn is happening in June. Get your updates here.