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News from over there, there, and somewhere else…

Project Citizenship – update on Burning Man’s efforts to re-address some problematic emerging culture of Black Rock City, launched in 2017. The ticketing changes (mentioned in this post) are one of the results of this. Do these things apply to Kiwiburn? 

On that note – symbol or logo; a discussion on the Burning Man ‘brand’. Brought to you by The Burning Man Journal and the decommodification principle.

Festival technology! The more you dance, the more POWER the festival has. Cool.

So Fyre Festival was a thing, I’m sure you all know. According to this article there was a lot to learn from it, thanks again to the Burning Man Journal, who we also have a lot to learn from it seems.

A bit of history for you. “If you burn it, they will come” – it started when they stepped over a line… in audio, feat. Simon and Garfunkel (briefly). It has a transcript if you can’t listen.

Nowhere still has tickets – you going? 

Afrikaburn, Afrikaburn, there is always so much going on, take a look at the latest Baardskeerder (newsletter) , it has information plus about the imminent event! The theme this year is Ephemeropolis, can’t wait to see the art that temporarily comes out of that. Note wisely friends – there are warnings about ticket scammers so be careful! Check out updates on their event page.

What’s this? Burning Nest, in Devon, England this May. Check it out! 

Talking about decommodification – how ’bout this from the biggest selling movie soundtrack of all time. She would fit right in…