Regional Round up – news from where we aren’t

Kiwiburn Media Team

An amazing account of anecdotes and articles from areas far away from Aotearoa.

In America – the big kahuna

Burning Man is overrrr, but only just. A whopping 70,000 dust monsters will be dragging their heels across the country/planet as you read this, and the crew gearing up for strike. Here are some things from over there, in list form:

  • Yet another thought-provoking review on the Smithsonian ‘No Spectators’ exhibit, which is open until January next year if you happen to be in Washington.
  • Journey back in time, an article about Burning Man 1996.
  • As the man burned, the population of Burning Man 2018 gave it a sitting ovation. Read about it.
  • Population overload: Black Rock City reaches the limits. At 70,000 people it was at maximum capacity and according to this article they had to turn some ticket holders away.
  • Were you a citizen of Black Rock City this year? Burning Man would love to learn more about the people on the Playa. Please participate in the Census here.
  • If you can navigate through the trolls, enjoy the proliferation of memories and images being posted on the Facebook Group. There are some incredible collections of images to be seen.
  • Need more of the FOMO feels? The Reno Gazette has it all – photos and news from Burning Man over this past week.
  • Did you step into this Porta Potty on the Playa?
  • Is Burning Man helping shape a radical future for media? Read The Guardian article here.

Meanwhile, in South Africa

There is a traveling AfrikaBurn inspired art show with performances, installations, workshops and more. The Blank Canvas Express invites you to learn more about AfrikaBurn from the comfort of your own town… if you happen to live in the Northern Cape of South Africa. Very cool to learn about, regardless. Inspired yet?

In Austria

Schloss Schönburn, one of Austrian’s regional burning events is happening in a few weeks. Organised from a “white canvas” principle, which is basically Radical Participation. This approach removes the central organisational structure and core teams that we see at most other events, requiring participants to organise themselves using their online Wiki. This (almost forcibly) encourages community effort, civic responsibility, and arguably gifting and self-reliance as well #10principles. Read about how it all works. This approach is probably made easier by the fact it is on castle grounds, with bunk beds and kitchens available for use… see: photos.

Like many burns around the world, consent has been added as their 11th principle.

In Australia…

  • Burning Seed is all go for the end of September. Latest updates indicate ticketing scams on GumTree, be careful! More updates here. 
  • In other news, read about the P.E.E.R. rangers and what they do on the Burning Seed blog.
  • Sign up to be a Red Earth Ranger here.
  • Modifyre has announced the 2019 dates and theme, Secret Garden. More details on Facebook, here
  • Relive Blazing Swan as a movie here.

Finally, let’s take a look at Fuego Austral, the Argentinian Regional burn.

It’s the first official regional event in Latin America and 2019 will be its fourth year, taking place 28 February – 4 March (AKA start saving, and learn Spanish). This year the theme was Regeneratio Fractal (fractal regeneration)… sound familiar? Most of their website is en Espagnol, but you can read the theme description in English. Take a picture tour on Instagram @fuegoaustral or by looking at this article, especially the last photo (winky face). The pictures are reminiscent of Kiwiburn 2007 when it first ventured North, minus the rolling hills and a few sheep.

How ’bout that, ay?