Showing our volunteers the respect they deserve

Kiwiburn Media Team

sput your hand up with love and show volunteers some love

Participation. It is a gift to the community. We all know Kiwiburn is 100% volunteer run, and that a handful of those amazing volunteers work year round to make the event happen. Are they crazy? A little. Do they love what they do? Absolutely. They give hundreds of hours of their time to help create a safe space for all of us to express ourselves.

Think about that next time you reach out to criticise a volunteer by calling them out in social media or messaging them personally. Whether you have never met them, or if they are a long time friend.

Trusted to curate an incredible community and event, they are volunteers, are passionate about Kiwiburn, and only human, so they are not always going to get things right or make decisions you agree with. Respect the responsibility they carry, the huge number of hours they work on a voluntary basis, and the stresses that result, both physically and mentally.

A little thanks goes a long way. Please show some compassion and empathy for the roles they fill, and think before you criticize. Do you have mad skills and inspiring ideas? Put your mahi where your mouth is and volunteer.