The future of Burning Man, NV

The Electric Fencepost

Aerial View of Black Rock City

Over the past few months we’ve been reporting on the ongoing conversation between Burning Man Project and BLM (Bureau of Land Management) about a number of guidelines, restrictions and limits that BLM wanted to impose on Burning Man as part of a 10 year permit renewal. Burning Man also sought permission to increase participation numbers to 100,000, should they want to.

BLM originally responded with a number of fierce requirements, such as solid perimeter fencing/boundaries, dumpsters and waste control on site and the hiring of a third party security firm to search every vehicle for anything illegal (such as weapons or certain drugs). Through a number of initiatives, meetings and mediation, both parties have now arrived at a way forward. Whilst Burning Man will need to keep attendance at 80,000 people for now, most other original requirements have been avoided, though BLM will be keeping a close eye on how things go at this years event to gauge what might be required for next year.

Are you attending this year? Then you need to be thoroughly familiar how you can help to preserve Burning Man and the 10 principles by doing your bit and giving BLM no reason to impose new rules.

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