Time to decompress.  So is it ok to call your event a Decompression?

The Electric Fencepost

It’s been a few months since the last frolicking in a field, when we escaped the default world and immersed ourselves in a culture of creativity, freedom of expression and possibly some nudity (all those who loved not wearing clothes for a few days say aye. Aye). Around this time of year, us Burners get together for events to relive the good times had at the festival and to hang out with like minded folks. In other words, we ‘decompress’. This is a healthy and necessary process for most, and a great excuse for another wee party.

If you are organising an event, be aware of one tiny detail; you cannot call it a Decompression unless you choose to go through Burning’s Man application process through your Regional Contact. Not trying to be a party pooper, merely offering a reminder that there are rules around when certain words associated with Burning Man can be used. Read this pdf for more information on what is protected. Most of you are probably not aware of this, however, it’s a good thing to know, so please don’t call your event a Decompression (noun). Folks who look after this sort of thing might get a bit cranky.

This should in no way getting in the way of having fun with friends, doing the necessary post-festival processing, and by all means decompress (verb). So organise away, invite peeps, reminisce and perhaps take off some of your clothes. Just call it something else 😉