Kiwiburn Temple, 2015 by Peter Jennings

Photo of 2015 Temple by Peter Jennings

If you think you have what it takes to design / lead / build the Temple, take a look at the job description below. Submissions are open around the middle of each year and potential build managers are asked to submit a letter of interest. Your Expression of Interest (EOI) needs to include:

– An image of the design
– A brief description of the concept and how it relates to the theme
– A physical description; dimensions, materials used, etc
– Budget estimate (keeping the estimate as close to a budget of $8000 if you can)
– Short artist bio.

  • Please email all expressions of interest to before the deadline of 1 September 2019.
  • The successful applicant will be announced late September.

POSITION:            Temple Crew Manager

REPORTS TO:       ExCom, Event Manager, Infrastructure Facilitator
Job purpose: The Temple is a spiritual healing space for many participants where they can grieve, celebrate life and remember those who have passed out of their lives. The Temple Manager will oversee the design, construction and burn of the Temple for the coming year’s event. The Temple burns on the Sunday night of the festival.

Key Responsibilities:

Fiscal Management

  • Must be able to cost out the project and produce the design within budget. This includes the purchase and delivery of all construction materials, fixings, rigging equipment, paint, lighting, pyrotechnics, fuel and any other associated costs (including any swag for your crew).

Construction Planning and Implementation

  • Create a workable design for the structure and oversee its construction and burn. This includes building, rigging, placement, lighting, pyrotechnics and fuel.

Volunteer Management

  • Assemble a crew of approximately 10 volunteers and manage them throughout the build (meals and water will be provided for one week prior to festival start date).


  • Submit a health and safety plan pre-build
  • Financial reporting to the ExCom post-event
  • Submit Afterburn Report (usually several months post-event).

In Summary, applications for Temple Crew Manager:

  1. Submit a written EOI to by 1 September 2019. Your EOI should summarise your design concept, construction experience (particularly Burn builds) and any other relevant qualifications or skills. You also have the opportunity to ask any questions for which you will need answers in order to prepare your full proposal. Any other supporting work you wish to add to your EOI will help, but are not required. Such things might be images, budgets, timelines, crew composition, etc.
  1. Full proposals should be submitted with the following to
    • A summary of your experience in construction (particularly Burn builds) and any other relevant qualifications and skills
    • Full design proposal including a detailed outline of the intended structure, design images, construction timeline, burn plan, clean-up plan, crew composition, bill of materials and tool / machinery requirements.

An estimated budget for 2020’s Temple is $8000.