Theme: Outreach camp. Home of the Kiwiburn K-Bar Fairy! Description:  An outreach camp providing iced tea, k-bars, and intriguing facts to tickle your tastebuds! Not affiliated in any way with the QI Elves.

Theme: A Community Woman’s Space Description: Two Moons Temple is a forum and safe-space for community building, support and space holding, offered to all the women-folk of Kiwiburn, specifically inclusive of all our non-male/non-binary/trans/femme-identifying people.

Theme: Underground laboratory Description: Deep underground hidden from the prying eyes of the surface is a seedy laboratory committed to the goal of bringing life to what was once thought to be impossible. This sound camp is bent on global domination and together we will breed an army of incredible creatures with the power to change the world.

Theme: Sound Camp Description: Interactive, intimate, collaborative dance space for all to come and enjoy, relax and participate with great sounds, great people, happy and cheerful vibe.

Theme: Exclusive hydration.  Description: Our boutique hydration experience brings Europe’s most meticulously crafted water tasting menu to Aotearoa for the first time. Let our exceptional water sommeliers guide you through a painstakingly curated menu combining some of the best local waters with familiar European classics. By Reservation only.

Theme: Chur vibe architechur Description: Chur is a classic term within Kiwi vernacular, and informs our unique identity. While Chur isn’t really a thing – it’s a feeling, and a spacious one at that. Chur means ‘shot auw’ or ‘thankyou’, Chur can also signify ‘stoke’ or positive vibes in general. Barrio del Chur embodies these elements in Culture, gifting an immersive transformational experience of celebration, community building and making change with our unique blending of the sacred and profane.

 Theme: Live Music Outpost & Tiki Bar Description: The howls have be heard, from afar away they come, cinder and bones infused with low brassy tones, come beat on the wild ones drum. Not much is none about The Lost Boys, some say they are just a cult, the rest regrettably drank the punch.

 Theme: Lavender queer space Description: Hear ye, hear ye. We welcome you magical beauties to come and enjoy the splendors of this radically inclusive explicitly queer space. We introduce to you: Lavender Lounge. A queer chill out and creative space featuring an opulent degenerate demi-monde kitch indoor/outdoor living room lounging environment, blazing braizer, Chartreuse cocktail bar, gifting library, creation station and the mysteries of The Multipurse. Queer regards, The Lavender Loungers.

 Theme: 2 Grand Couches and a Bizarre Rug? Description: Known in 2016 as the Mile High Club and renamed to the more working-class “2 couches and a rug” in 2017, 2 couches and a rug in 2018 is set to meet your expectations of bringing 2 couches AND a rug to the paddock in 2018. We may or may not play Cascada on repeat throughout the festival this year.

Theme: Yoga Zen Den Description: Om Shanti is a collective community space, hosting gatherings for Yoga practice, healing, creativity and conversation. Everyone is welcome to stretch their body, mind and spirit, bring your mat for Hata yoga, your body for painting or share your ideas over tea. Om Shanti is a place to recharge and reset for a truer authentic self.

Theme: Tea and Tunes Description: Squeeze me some steeze, we’ve got what you need. Iced tea, fresh tunes, good company. Yes please!

Theme: Small sound camp – 70s/80s music    Description: Cape Carnival has been a regular theme camp at Kiwiburn since about 2010. We are a bunch of veteran burners (including Kiwiburn founder Yonderman) who enjoy a blend of partying and techno-geeking. We are known as the only camp to bring 70s and 80s music to the paddock, usually during our well-loved Wine and Cheese and Cheesy tunes afternoon party. This year we will host that party at a large sound camp ie FunkHut!! We will have a smaller sound system at camp, so please come by.

Theme: Lounge    Description: Home of Janis the wheelie bin.

Theme: Co-creating Positive Change   Description: A heart space for centring ourselves and embodying personal transformation. A learning space for sharing ideas and information. An altar space for sacred sexuality and shamanic ritual. A central space for activism in all forms, an envisioning space for catalyzing positive change. A voidspace from which to call the fringe dwellers to bring their edges together, a diverse space for people wanting to design for change, as opposed to react to it.

Theme: Chill sensory zone ft. movies and museum   Description: Wander into a sensory wonderland of curiosities at The Green Room. Our chill space invites you to experience your existence through touch, sound, and all of your senses. Come close your eyes and visualize, and open them reenergized to see psychedelic patterns, and hear the dulcet tones of famed narrators, or even your favourite cartoons. Transform your perception, play, and express yourself amongst laid-back flow-ers at the Green Room.

Theme: The best of South Karori, comfort, pizza, tunes and whatever y’all co create with us.        Description: SK300 brings the best of South Karori to the Paddick. The most diverse Choonz on the paddock, opportunities to play a set. A Pizza Oven, fun and games and spontaneous happenings. Bring lodsa pizza toppings!

Everyone loves boardgames right?  We have chess, scrabble, battleships, cards, backgammon, ludo, snakes and ladders, giant dominos, jumbo connect 4 and anything else we can scrounge up between now and Kiwiburn.  New arrivals are Othelleo, Stratego and Catan – lets play.

Phosforus has been providing light art for 8 years at Kiwiburn. We generally have and artwork separate to our camp and the camp is also a beacon of light. Every year is different and we add to the lights every year. This year we are adding more laser projection. Come by at night and pop in for a chat and some shade during the day.

Camp Doug is a homage to Doug. Brought into this World recently, Doug is a being above all others. Here in Camp Doug, you will find an array of innovative and interactive burner friendly activities and art which resonate with Doug. You maybe surprised by what you find when seeking Doug

Theme: Vibrant Lounge with Games    Description: Previously mistaken for a big yellow cactus, the Burrowing Pufferfish will surface as an official theme camp at Kiwiburn 2018. We invite you to come, relax and enjoy hijinks with the Burrowing Pufferfish crew, lounge with us to your heart’s content. Expect fun and frolics, a dollop or a trollop of fancy dress and a good dose of laughter and hilarity. We’re a friendly eclectic crew from Wellington who love to have a freaking good time – welcome!

Theme: Chill inner-journey nature lounge  Description: Journey deep into your inner universe with some age old wisdom from the Botanist. Backed by science and a huge dose of the unkown. The Botanist’s delight is a chill space for you to listen to stories of mysticism and engage your curiosity about the advancement of psychedelics. Check out our inner garden Bell tents, refresh with homemade kombucha and some sweet tunes from around the world.

Theme: Play hard and sleep before midnight! Description: Day = Play time! Toys, face painting, board games for kids & adults. Night = A quiet camp from sunset to sunrise. We will attempt to create a quiet sleeping space for families and those that appreciate sleep before midnight! Plus a place for parents to play board games and watch the fun on the field, whilst also keeping an eye on their sleeping children. We do not babysit your kids. Other families/individuals are most welcome to come and camp with us.

Theme: Sound Camp  Description: Dancealot, the Good Vibe Tribe, is full of music, dancing and fun! Join us on the dance floor for a fantastic eclectic mix of dance tunes; house, disco, techno, rock and trance, and keep warm next to our braziers by the dance floor. And get your glow on with the White Party on Friday night!

Theme: Stitch & Bitch   Description: Stitch and Bitch is hoping to take Kiwiburner’s to the next level of night time colour and light. Roll up roll up, get your Electroluminescent wire here, afternoons of stitching and bitching with a nice cup of tea.

Theme: Berry themed beats, parties, cocktails, and consensual raspberries galore! Description: The Raspberry Beret returns to the paddock for the second time this year, seeking to re-imagine, re-package, and re-deliver berry-goodness to the Kiwiburn community. The Raspberry Beret will be delivering plenty of fun – berry parties, berry cocktails, and most importantly RASPBERRIES. A review of our parties shows just how much fun we are; “In the full swing of the rave I saw The Raspberry Beret deliver ecstatic rapture again and again.” So, come along and bask in what the berries offer!

 Theme: Shit yarns, worse beer  Description: The Rusty Joint is a place to take refuge from the doof – come join in on some shit yarns and worse beer.

 Theme: Theme?! Lolz. If you can figure out what our theme is, you’re doing better than us! Description: Camp Incoherent will be completely and utterly coherent this year. We will align. We will be a uniform shade of beige. We will be hexagonally packed for space-efficiency. We will not deviate. Here’s some cool stuff we might do. – Lost and Found Board. – Wednesday night game show, ‘Quite Incoherent’. – Disgustion Board. Answer our very important questions! – Speed Rating. We love to judge! You bring it, we rate it! – Monster science. With special guest from the Mesozoic era!

Theme: Fire Dance and Circus Description: Find your flojo mojo at the flojo dojo jojo. Circus workshops in the day fire spinning all night. Lose yourself in anti-spinning flame trails the slow roll of a dragon staff or infinite circles of the hoop. Show us what you got, all props welcome, share tricks, make friends, get snuggled! Bonus points to all fire Diablos and any Jo’s with Flo. Come wobble the night away with the FLOwers, we got some gravity defying mind bubbling, ball fondling magics for you

 Theme: *Bar – tea, coffee, cocktails, non alcoholic options.  *SOME food – baked goods will be provided to accompany beverages. * Seating * Coat check. * PREMIUM SERVICE! Description: “A speakeasy hangout; a hammam of hospitality. Allow our heralds of hospitality to herd you in to The Hunter Villa for The Fool Service.. Have a seat, take a load off, re-fuel, relax and be ready to experience the premium in paddock provisions. Bon Appadiqué! “

Theme: Technopsychedelic Wonderland Description: The Sensory Dispensary is serious about overwhelming your senses!Our Sensational Support Team have sense checked every method available in this modern world to curate a range of experiences for your sensory pleasure. Audio, visual, somatic, olfactory and gustatory: no sense has been censored in our pursuit to undilute your mind, missing out would be simply nonsensical! So stop on by the Sensory Dispensary: it’s the sensible thing to do.

 Theme: Hammocks, playground, chilling and learning. Description: Out of the forest and onto the paddock, The Hangout is here to fulfill all your restoration, education, contemplation and exploration needs. Burners, Pirates, Fairies, Ewoks, Creatures of all walks: come hang in a hammock, clamber amongst the radical playground or seek much desired reflection and refreshment for the soul. You can check in any time you like, but you’ll never want to leave.

 Theme: Low brow Hifi Sound, impeccable behaviour   Description: A daytime listening space with a custom built Hifi sound system, access for producers, DJs and music aficionados to play and hear their tunes, maybe a low end soirée or two later at night…

 Theme: Shisha camp   Description: Our vision for the camp is an authentic middle eastern hookah bar. The venue will be a held in a safe zen-like space with heaps of pillows and psychedelic walls. Our Theme Camp will offer a wide range of herbal teas and exotic hand-made hookah tabacco. During our stay we will offer massage therapy workshops and Kirtan music circles. We strive for creating a unified conscience that is based on the foundation of love, peace, and compassion.

 Theme: Open minded, Consent Focussed, Sex Positive   Description: Consent is important to us and hence there is no pressure to be, do or see anything you do not wish to and so we will offer or brains to be picked, our skills to be copied, our wisdom to be absorbed with no obligation on the recipient to do more than ponder their gift and make their own choices going forward. People from around the country and around the globe who share our vision are welcome to join us for a few hours or the duration and share their own knowledge and experience also.

 Theme: Chill Vibes      Description: Bring your crazy carefree charming selves to a chilled comfy creative corner for consensual cuddles while you consume copious concoctions crafted cunningly by cool captivating curvaceous characters.

 Theme: Chill space/Sanctuary        Description: WBy day, shade, beanbags, and chilling out; talks, experiential oddities, and vaguely occult new age weirdness. (If you want a space to do a talk or workshop along those lines, get in touch.) Come get philosophical. By night, a chill space, with low light, ambience, diverse mostly chilled out music, and cups of tea if you are lucky.

 Theme: Knots and other things you’d rather knot know about…       Description: We’re Knot Here to teach you how to tie useful knots; we’re Knot Here to teach you how to knot your own jewellery; we’re Knot Here to provide you any useful resources – we’re just here to teach you things you’d rather knot know about… there may or may knot be Kawakawa Tea, Henna, and a bike maintenance enthusiast here –you’ll have to come visit us to find out! P.S. There are no guarantees that Knot Here will knot be Knot Here when you visit…

 Theme: Western Saloon.       Description: A friendly relaxed saloon bar specializing in home made craft beer, open for others to use the bar space for their own activities and giftings also

All hail Desmond our psychedelic giraffe and fearless leader who brings abundance from every corner to share with you. Come and worship at his delightful feet, curl up and bask in his glory or have some chai in the teepee. 

 Theme: Paddock Hostel Description: We are aimed at travelers who had to pack light for the plane. You are self-reliant and have all the food and drink you require, Sometimes if you notify us in advance we can arrange to find a spare tent or sleeping bag for you. You are welcome to relax in our Lounge, bounce on our trampoline or help us with one of our Art Projects and Contributions. If you have electrical items that need charging we are also part of the PURE-C project and have 12 volt power converted from the sun.

 Theme: Psychedelic Harm Reduction Description: We provide specialised care for those going through difficult emotional and often psychedelic experiences. We have a safe space tent structure that provides peer to peer consoling and support as well as a hydration station and supplements. We are also planning to hold talks on psychedelic experiences and how to support someone going through difficulties as a result as well as the importance of reintegration services.

 Theme: Performance Description: Welcome to Playhouse. Come play! Every afternoon we’re running creative and performance workshops for you. Pop by for a chat and see what we’re doing today. Or check the notice board (if we haven’t gotten distracted on our way over to Town Hall). Or are you more the type to spend the day hiding from the heat and hangovers? Then join in our nightly parade. Bust out your costumes, noise makers, glow whatsits and dance moves as we conga-line our way round the paddock. The more the merrier!

 Theme: 10 years of SKULLFUCK Description: After a brief 7 year hiatus everyones’ favourite theme camp is returning to Kiwiburn to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of our birth at Kiwiburn 2008. We still enjoy a few beers when we’re not taking the kids to the beach or checking our portfolios, so come down for a tipple.

 Theme: Party Description: Camp no brakes is back and frothier than ever! If you are unsure of what that means your welcome to come and find out… at your own risk

Theme: Gin & Tonic. Pop-up Bar. Lawn Sports. Great Vibe. Minty Experience Description: I want to take you to a day bar. The Mint Country Club comes back to once again introduce some Minty Class to the Kiwiburn experience. Our roaming bar serves gin and tonic and more. look for the green umbrellas on the Paddock. Open anywhere, anytime. Dress up with green, party with us. Gin gin!

 Theme: American and South African Fusion with heavy doses of Die Antword, Music, Self Care and Slumber Parties  Description: Our camp, God Zef America, is a community of creative friends from America and South Africa with an eclectic sense of humor and many different festivals under our belt. Amongst us we are sailors, engineers, makers, Across Yoga enthusiasts, fire spinners, musicians, and food lovers. Our name was created with the intention of finding a funny union between our cultures (and adding some Die Antword flavor to the mix.) Our gifts (a sweat lodge, a ZEF cereal and PJs party, and a cuddly dance/ spa p’lo

 Theme: Friendly colourful chill space  Description: Come and frolic inside, through, beneath, around, above and beyond the rainbow. Gaze upon the glorious trojan corn and behold its mystical might! The Rainbow Unicorns await your speckled, spectral, spangled spirit for all of the things!

 Theme: Building Community  Description: The Connection Section is your place for getting to know fellow kiwiburners in meaningful conversation – no small talk around this camp! Join us at the posted scheduled times to participate in a facilitated Connection Circle. Connection Circles are a form of guided conversation used to build community and deep connection amongst participants. Basically, this is your camp for D&Ms.

 Theme: Speakeasy Description: The speak easy returns with chill vibes, fresh tunes and potent drinks to get your night time vibe set just right. Brought to you by the minds and technology of camp 8 bit.

 Theme: Love and Hugs     Description: Need a moment of ‘aww’ and whimsy? Pop by our camp to make your very own warm fuzzy or a set of fuzzily warm doodleboppers! Perfect for the Paddock or for a quick pick-me-up for your return to the default world….

Description: Nestled in a small temporary village in New Zealand lies the local popcorn cavern, serving weird and wonderfull creations from salt and vinegar, extra extra hot chill, hazel vanilla and even lemongrass and kaffir lime popcorn. This is also a place to come and share any food you want to share.

Description: Nau mai haere mai welcome! Along with flying flags, beanbags and sun umbrellas, we have books, zines, and conversation covering topics such as race, colonisation, gender, NZhistory, queer theory, te reo māori, intersectionality, and flamboyant sci-fi… Te Māra Whakawhitiwhiti is the garden of crossings, crossed paths, exchanges, and discussions, with a wee nod to Peace warrior Te Whiti o Rongomai, and to shining like stars ^-^   Look out for our low-key te reo events, and maybe a workshop or two!

Description: On-site radio station 88.1 FM