27 January–1 February 2016

Tiered (wooooooop!) ticketing as follows. If you can afford more, please pay more:





  • FIRST TIER mid September – mid October: $95/$125/$155 tickets + bf* (or until sold out)
    nb: only x250 $95 first tier tickets available
  • SECOND TIER  mid October – end of November: $125/$155 tickets + bf*  (or until sold out)
    nb: only x350 $125 first tier tickets available
  • THIRD TIER December – the start of the event in January: $155 tickets + bf*  (or until sold out)
    nb: Kiwiburn 2016 population capped at x1200
  • EXTRA RELEASE 9am, 16 January (NZST): x100 tickets only; $155 tickets + bf*  (or until sold out) x2 tickets per transaction.
    nb: Kiwiburn 2016 population now capped at x1300
  • DURING EVENT – $200 + bf*  (unless event is sold out)

Kiwiburn 2016 is now sold out! After discussing the space and volunteer situation, the ExCom has agreed to release 100 more tickets, available online from 9am on 16 January (NZST). You can check what day and time this is in your city here. Please remember that there are no free tickets for volunteers – everyone buys a ticket – so if you’ve signed up to volunteer, please ensure you have a ticket.

Please return to this page at 9am on Saturday 16 January for the link to our final ticket sale.
Tickets limited to two per transaction.

Kiwiburn will no-longer have Gate sales, but will retain the Gate sales price for tickets sold once the event has started, which may still be purchased online until the Saturday of the event (unless the event is sold out). nb Gate closes at 8pm.

* Booking fee is $4 for $95 tickets, $5 for $125/$155 tickets. If purchasing by credit card, a 2.1% or 3.1% charge will apply depending if purchasing in-store or online.

Note:  People who can pay a higher price and would like to pay a higher price can do so at any time. There is no difference in what you get with the varying ticket prices; the $95 ticket is essentially an ‘early bird’ price which will be available from mid September til mid October or until sold out (whichever happens first).

All children under 18 must be accompanied by and remain the sole responsibility of an adult. Children aged fifteen and under at the start of the festival will be admitted for free. Children ages 16-18 require full-price tickets. Be prepared to show proof of age.

Debit card or credit card payments accepted online, but not EFTPOS or direct deposit.

Tickets are also being sold through Cosmic retail outlets located in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, and through Hipsta in Palmerston North.

By purchasing tickets you acknowledge you have read and agree to the Conditions of Entry, and understand the $20 gate pass condition.

Please note that tickets are non-refundable. If you need to sell your ticket, you may try doing so by posting a note either on the Kiwiburn Group page on Facebook or on the Facebook event page. Note: you will have to transfer an electronic copy of your ticket to the new buyer. There is no way to transfer ‘ownership’ details to the new buyer, so the first person who shows up with the ticket is the one who gets in. So the new buyer must trust that you will not show up with your original ticket.


In case you’re wondering what happens to the money you pay for your ticket…

Kiwiburn is a collective experience. Everyone contributes, everybody pays. This is the underlying principle for the budget. Your ticket money goes into a pool, from which the expenses involved in putting on the event are paid. These expenses include:

  • Council fees for use of land and permits.
  • Safety equipment.
  • Donation to a local nature reserve to help offset the greenhouse gas emissions from the festival.
  • Provision of toilets to meet OSH regulations.
  • Building and kitting out of infrastructure (Town Hall, The Man, The Temple, Greeter Station, signage within the town)
  • Printing of tickets, posters, survival guides, miscellaneous information.
  • Hiring of a professional emergency medical crew to meet OSH standards for safety.
  • Hiring of a professional security company to monitor the gate after-hours and the perimeter during the festival.
  • Donations to the local fire brigade for their presence at the burns.

This does not take into account all the work done for free (and incidental costs from their own pockets) by the volunteers. We hope that in years to come, Kiwiburn will be big enough to source our First Aid from within the community, but meanwhile in order to have the event we must hire professionals. These are the only people who get paid to be there, other than the Security team.

As you can see, Kiwiburn has a lot of expenses, and these are what your ticket pays for. In the event that ticket sales outweigh expenses and there is money left over after the festival, all surplus will be re-invested into next year’s festival. Our festival is growing, our tickets help with that.

After the festival if you are interested in seeing exactly where the money went, please visit the Afterburn section of the website for a complete summary of expenses and income, and how much will go back into next year’s festival.

If you have any questions regarding tickets or problems with online ticket purchase, please email: ticketinfo@kiwiburn.com.