Volunteer Pre/Post Event!
Volunteer at the Event!
Volunteer Year Round!

Volunteering is fun! It’s a great way to get in the mix of the Kiwiburn community where you will have the opportunity to forge new friendships, meet interesting people, and perhaps even learn new skills.

Kiwiburn is 100% volunteer run! That means the temporary community that is Kiwiburn does not exist without the hard work and kick ass dedication of volunteers offering their time, resources, knowledge, and skills - both year-round and on site. When something needs doing, it gets done, by you, by me, by the community. This is what we call a do-ocracy and this is how everything gets done.

Kiwiburn is always hungry for volunteers and there are many different ways to get involved - ranging from a one off shift with the Greeters, to construction with MPW pre event, to joining an organising committee that works throughout the year. You can choose to volunteer before, during, or after the event or even throughout the year. We are looking for some people with specific skills, but we find that enthusiasm for a volunteering role is the most important aspect. Leadership roles are available, so maybe you would even like to grab a project by the balls and make it your own!

Check out the different volunteer positions we have and see if anything piques your interest. Training for most of these roles will be provided. If you would like to volunteer but don’t see anything that interests you, maybe you’ve created a new role. It happens. Let us know what it is that you are interested in and we’ll see what can be coordinated.

Keep an eye on the Forums as individual theme camps, artists, and performers are likely to post their volunteer needs there. In addition, you may like to post your availability for volunteering on the forums too.

Please note that this is a participant created event. Everyone contributes, everyone pays. Kiwiburn does not subsidise entry fees in exchange for volunteer work.