Karl de Jong on his artwork, ‘Nebula’, Kiwiburn 2018

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Photo by Karl de Jong   Please give a brief overview of the story of your project – what was it? What inspired the idea? I stumbled across Firmament (a Burning Man art piece) and loved how much of an impact the lights had while soft music was played. I couldn’t get enough of the videos posted on youtube and … Read More

Paddock Art Series #3: Human Canvas

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Yuli Heled’s Effigy-inspired piece from Kiwiburn 2017. Photo by Yuli Heled. You are the Canvas at the Grand Bizarre! By Hayley Ware     The third in the Paddock Art Series is here! This time I’ve been talking to Yuli Heled, an accomplished body painter who will be bringing her talents to the Paddock for us all to enjoy! “What … Read More

Paddock Art Series #2: Reality Intra-Fabricating Trans-Dimensionaliser

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Art by Olivia Hollard @beyondameteurart Mildly Mysterious Art Manifesting at Kiwiburn By Hayley Ware and Fergus Bassett     In the second exciting installment of the Paddock Art Series, I’ve been chatting to Fergus Bassett who is bringing an exciting, interactive and um, slightly…. different art project to Kiwiburn. The specifics are under wraps for now, so I won’t dive … Read More

Paddock Art Series #1: Nebula

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Karl de Jong’s 2017 Paddock Art, ‘Birdie McBirdface’. Photo by Tangent Awesome Art Coming to the Grand Bizarre! By Hayley Ware     It’s that time of year when everyone is hard at work planning, designing, creating and constructing fantastic creations to bring to Kiwiburn! On the Paddock we get to see the final product of all this work, though … Read More

Adopt a Burner

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Veteran Kiwiburners and aspiring Kiwiburners helping each other out   By Hayley Ware     Hi, I’m Hayley, and 2017 was my first Kiwiburn! I was lucky enough to have a group of experienced friends to go with, though I know that’s not the case for everyone. Before my first burn it made such a difference having people to talk … Read More

Respecting contributions of art

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Helping Hand by Nico. Photo by Tangent

‘Helping Hand’ by Nico. Photo by Tangent   THIS IS A SPECIAL PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT from the Kiwiburn Pro-Art Protection Agency A unique part of the incredible world we encounter on the Paddock is the fabulous art to be discovered there. The nature of Kiwiburn means weird and wacky art has a chance to shine outside of the context of … Read More

Kiwiburn ticketing

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KB08 ticket artwork by Shelley Watson

Yes, Kiwiburn had printed tickets for a few years! This one is from 2008.   Kiwiburn has changed ticketing vendors for the 2018 event. Built by Burners, Quicket has amazing features specifically for Burn events.   Key changes: There is a ticket transfer system which makes it really easy to send your ticket to someone else. If you need to … Read More

Bringing art to Kiwiburn from across the ocean

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Shadows artwork at Kiwiburn 2017 by Mike Doddds, Seattle USA

Photo of Shadows by Peter Jennings In 2017, a group of artists from Seattle applied for an Art Grant and brought their interactive light and sound sculpture, Shadows, to Kiwiburn. An equilateral triangle (2.5m sides) suspended, point down. The edges of the triangle were illuminated with high-density, addressable LEDs. Each corner of the triangle contained an ultrasound range finder, allowing … Read More

The Operations Team responds to your 2017 Census feedback

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Poppy Norman on the Paddock

Kiwiburn’s Operations Team Lead, Poppy Norman has taken the time to respond to your questions and comments from this year’s Census. Her role involves overseeing and supporting all the onsite departments, Team Leads and managers, as well as liaising with the Council, landowners, vendors and emergency services. Poppy is onsite for one month as well as planning during the year. … Read More

Volunteering for Kiwiburn

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The Depot at Kiwiburn 2015

By Karl Matthews, Volunteer Team Co-Lead Kiwiburn is almost entirely organised and operated by volunteers, without whom there would be no Kiwiburn. The organisation is in a significant period of change with many of our wonderful Team Leads deciding to step down or change roles. Consequently, we’ll soon be launching a full scale recruitment drive to uncover new leaders who … Read More

Kiwiburn’s Parking Policy for 2018 event

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To make better use of the site, and help create a more people-friendly space, there is a new Parking Policy for the 2018 event*. Camping with cars will be at your own discretion. Participants should drop gear off at their camp, then park in the designated parking area in order to maximise the camping areas of the main paddocks for … Read More

Kiwiburn Innovation Grant 2017

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Kiwiburn wahine, by Amy Potenger

– by Alicia May Be For a number of years now Kiwiburn has given out Innovation Grants to projects which improve the festival experience in some way. The winners in 2016 were not beautiful solar flowers to light up our usually adventurous way to the loos, but something rather different – a Community Woman’s Space. This space, which has been named … Read More

Community Engagement Lead

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Kiwiburn is full of all sorts of wonderful people like you! Kiwiburn is a community, not just an organisation, and it’s growing daily, so we appointed a Community Engagement Lead to act as a conduit between the decision makers and those affected by the decisions. Jo Artemis will be facilitating information sharing and consultation to encourage active participation and a … Read More

Planning for the 2017 event

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Each Kiwiburn is different – as we grow the needs of our community change. There are some significant changes to ticketing for 2017 so we want you to be prepared before they go on sale on Wednesday 12 October. Firstly, a ticket to Kiwiburn will cost $170 + booking fee. Secondly, the ticketing structure will be flat – there will be no … Read More

We need YOU to help make Kiwiburn 2017 happen!

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Have you ever wondered how many people it takes to successfully run Kiwiburn? A recent survey of our Operational Team Leads showed that over 300 volunteers make Kiwiburn run. That’s one person for every five participants volunteering in some capacity; from doing just one several-hour shift at Greeters, Gate, Depot, or Black Sheep Rangers, to putting in hundreds of hours … Read More

Faces of Kiwiburn: from participant to volunteer

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Hana Tuwhare shares her experiences of becoming involved with Kiwiburn: “I first heard about this Burning Man thing while I was in high school from a family friend named Kiwi. He never ceased to rant and rave about it. By the time I left high school, he had successfully convinced a few friends and I to head over in 2006. We got … Read More

Camping in the Forest

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  Each Kiwiburn, many things happen which we learn from to improve the overall experience. This year we had a Serious Harm Incident where a participant was badly injured when part of a tree landed on her, leading to an investigation. Kiwiburn has been working with Worksafe to ensure all relevant information be gathered and presented for them to make an … Read More

Introducing the new central hub of Kiwiburn: The Village!

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The kiwiburn valley

Located in the upper paddock, The Village is designed to be a vibrant cultural and informational hub. In this space you will find the The Depot (info and ice sales), The Artery and the new and improved Town Hall (formerly Centre Camp). This hub is also a space for art, music, lounging, shade and possibly coffee! This central area is a … Read More