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Respect our Burn Perimeter!

At the Effigy and Temple burns, we take special safety precautions to make sure our participants and the firefighters who help us with our burns are safe. DO NOT CROSS THE BURN PERIMETER! It is clearly marked out around each big burn and patrolled by volunteers and...

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Map of the Paddock

Where will you be camping? What will be happening on the Paddock? Is there a Pot Luck dinner every night? You'll hardly be able to contain your emotions once you read the Event Guide, which is finalised and has gone to print! A copy is handed out at Gate when you...

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Event Guide

What will you be doing on the Paddock? Download the Event Guide – there are so many amazing events happening. You'll receive a printed copy at Gate when you arrive which also includes a site map! Have a read of the online version, being updated daily

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Early Entry

IMPORTANT: Only volunteers, artists and Theme Camp representatives with approved early entry will be allowed onsite before 10am, 27 January 2016 – NO EXCEPTIONS. We are on private property and need to keep our pre-event population to a minimum. NOTE: being a volunteer...

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Ticketing update

Saturday’s ticket sale didn’t go quite as planned! Kiwiburn is well and truly oversold. Maybe there were ghosts in the machine, or Mercury being in retrograde is playing havoc with technology. Whatever the cause, ALL THE OVERSOLD TICKETS WILL BE HONOURED. Every cent...

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Ticketing update after server crash

So many of you were trying to get tickets this morning that our server overloaded and died a horrible death, followed by the back up plan we had in place failing too. While we were trying to fix it all, a Kiwiburner unofficially posted a link taking you directly to...

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Surviving on the Paddock

Be prepared! Read the Survival Guide for essential information about the event, the site and for ideas on what to bring. Download the pdf now – here.

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Town hall space for you to host an event

You know that twerkshop you wanted to organise? Or the barbershop afternoon? The ukulele jam which sounded like a good idea? Or the yoga class? But your tent is tiny and you don’t have anywhere to make your idea happen? Kiwiburn's Town Hall is available to all – a...

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Important ticket information – new release

The link to purchase tickets will be on the ticketing page of Kiwiburn's website at 9am on Saturday 16 January – you must go Kiwiburn's website to get the link rather than directly to Cosmic's site. Tickets are limited to two per transaction. 100 tickets available at...

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Kiwiburn Parking Policy for 2016

To make better use of the Kiwiburn site, and help create a more people-friendly space, there is a new parking policy for the 2016 event. Have a read on the KB-log:

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