Theme Camp Registrations and Ticket Requests Open 17 September

Sep 14, 2020

Get ready now to make sure you have all the info you need to register your Theme Camp and submit your request for reserve (direct sale) tickets because registration opens this week on Thursday 17 September!

We will announce when the link is open on Facebook and the website this Thursday, so keep your eyes open!

There are more tickets available to Theme Camps than in previous years, however they are still limited!

Eligibility of Theme Camps for reserve tickets will now not solely be based on previous years attendance of the camp itself and instead also take into consideration the experience of the Theme Camp lead. So if you’ve changed your camp name, or revamped into an even cooler/bigger/better Theme Camp that on the face does not have any connections to previous years, fret not. If your lead has been there and done it, then you’re good to go!

Of course, we also welcome totally new Theme Camps, so apply away! No matter who you are, you still have to make a case as to why you feel your camp is eligible for the limited reserve tickets available.

Applying for Theme Camp reserve tickets will only be available until midnight 27 September. 

Theme Camp registrations will remain open until 30 October, however submissions after 27 September will not be eligible for reserve tickets.


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