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Kiwiburn Census

Census We want to get to know you better and learn more about your experiences at Kiwiburn – your feedback helps make Kiwiburn better every year! Here is what you’ve shared over the years. 

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Volunteering at Kiwiburn Kiwiburn is 100% volunteer run! Our temporary community does not exist without the hard work and kick-ass dedication of volunteers offering their time, resources, knowledge, and skills. When something needs doing, it gets done - by you, by me,...

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Gift Economy

One of the most radically different things about Kiwiburn and Burning Man culture is the gift economy. In most other festivals you will find a market-place where you can purchase greasy food and the kind of clothing you don't normally wear to work, but at our festival...

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COVID-19 FAQs There are so many questions to be answered regarding what Kiwiburn will do to manage COVID-19, what would cause an event cancellation, and what happens if we do cancel. We've put together this webpage to answer all of your questions, and for full...

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How Kiwiburn Works

The Kiwiburn Organisation Our structure So, you know a bit about what Kiwiburn is... you may have even come along to the festival a few times... but do you know how it works? How does so much chaos get facilitated and organised? How does a festival run entirely by...

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The Event

Kiwiburn 2024 Kiwiburn is back! From the 24 - 29 January 2024 we will once again be returning to our beautiful location in Hunterville, New Zealand.  The theme for the 2024 event is 'Decadance'... Decadance is a mashup of decades and dancing, and is a callback to...

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Participate It's all about getting involved! Kiwiburn wouldn't be the same without you. And we're not even joking. It'd be a few portaloos in a field... Everything that you see at Kiwiburn has been imagined and realised by you, the participants. The music, the...

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Launching the Kiwiburn Blog!

  Welcome to the new Kiwiburn blog. This is where you can get real insider knowledge about the realities of our festival... and you can share your experiences too. Is there something you want to share with the community or new participants in a coherent written...

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Contact Us

Contact We'd love to hear from you and will respond as soon as we can. Remember, we're all volunteers and sometimes it could take a while to get back to you, so make sure you look on the website for the information you need first. And you'll get a quicker response if...

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