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2016 Theme and Poster Competition

The theme for Kiwiburn 2016 is: Pot luck and emotion "Come one, come all. Camp, cook, celebrate; Laugh, cry, levitate. What’s better than a shared lunch with your work mates? A sensory feast with your burning besties! Dine on dance, masticate on music, and gorge your...

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What’s it like to build large art on the paddock?

By Joel Pitt I’m one of the creators of Tensegrity, a spinning 3m tall metal and LED light sculpture that we took to Kiwiburn Wyrd in 2015. The previous year (2014) I’d brought the Sensorium to The Paddock, which was my first exploration into electronics,...

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Art Grants

Art Grants Kiwiburn currently has two categories of Art Grants. Small Art Grants that are for projects under $500 and the Large Art Grants for projects that are expected to be over $500 (The biggest grant we have funded to date was $3680). These Art Grants are...

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Keeping the Paddock tidy

When we're not frolicking on it like radioactive spring lambs, our beloved Paddock is actually a very full dinner plate for our woolly ovine friends who also call the Paddock home. Whatever we leave behind on their carpet/salad is something they might unwittingly...

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Kiwiburn 2016 dates confirmed!

It's official: Kiwiburn 2016 will be held from Wednesday 27 January until Monday 1 February. Mark it in your calendars and diaries, book the time off work and let all your friends know. And now that you know, there are no excuses; you have plenty of time to prepare...

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2016 Art Theme

Hey you clever burners, what will be the Art Theme for 2016? Put on your thinking hat for ideas for the thirteenth Kiwiburn – unlucky for some! For inspiration, here are the posters depicting the themes over the years. (LINK)     Email your fabulous ideas to...

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The Temple at Kiwiburn

We asked a veteran Kiwiburner what the Temple means to him: Life is full of heights and depths, whether we like it or not.  We run headlong towards the heights and we tend to find satisfying ways to pretend that the depths aren't really there.  A few days of radical...

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Centre Camp

Image credit: Amy PotengerCentre Camp aka Town Hall Now under even more new management!What the deuce even is Centre Camp?! It’s a community space for all to congregate, hang, get weird, wrap your looking-balls around some spectacular new art and co-create epic events...

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Register your Event

Register your Event Time is nearly up! We've extended event submissions for 2021 to accommodate you stragglers.It will close tonight (14 January) at midnight  - final chance! Have you been dreaming of running a zombie beauty pageant, croquet tournament, or macrame...

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Media Kit

Are you media? Do you want to make media about our event? You have come to the right place. Check out our Media Kit below for press essentials, our FAQs have extra details, or contact us for more information.  We’d love you to participate in Kiwiburn to get a true...

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