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New Camp Boot Camp!

So, you’ve been to a Burn (or ten) and want to start your own Theme Camp! You’ve been reading The Captain’s ‘How to start a Theme Camp’ series, you have a theme, you’ve wrangled your weird little buddies together and have designed your own language from scratch....

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Theme Camp Hui Dates

The marvellous Theme Camp Team has organised a few dates for upcoming hui’s, so get your calendars out and lock ‘em in (links and times to come). 10 July: Ticket Allocation Process & Theme Camp Registration Forms In this session, you’ll learn how to register your...

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Meet your new Crew Facilitator, Rose!

Firstly, what does the Crew Facilitator role involve? As you should all know by now, Kiwiburn is entirely run by volunteers both during the event and during the year! So we have a team to wrangle all of you to give you something to do as well as shower you all with...

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Power. Not now, but not Never.

Hey Burners, We wanted to take a moment to clear up some confusion and keep everyone on the same page regarding the recent buzz about power. There’s a bit of confusion over our last announcement about the Paddock becoming equipped with power. Well, not quite! We’re...

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Kiwiburn 2025 Attendee Numbers

As we inch closer to the glorious return to our beloved Paddock, some big decisions have been made. One of the biggest, and arguably most important, is how many humans will be able to attend. So, we’re excited to announce, the Kiwiburn 2025 capacity is set at 2450!...

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Kiwiburn 2025 Ticket Price Announcement

Curious how much it’ll cost to attend Kiwiburn 2025? So are we! Numbers have been crunched and it is no surprise that Kiwiburn 2024 while chill and small also made a loss. Unfortunately it is also a fact of life that at present everything costs more, including...

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Poster Competition

Graphic artists and those with incredible ideas (and friends who can turn your idea into usable artwork): the poster competition is still open, but not for much longer. If you’re keen to get your design plastered all over the community - we’re talking posters,...

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Want a Kiwiburn 2025 Ticket? You’re in luck!

Want to return to the Paddock in 2025? Unless you want to hedge your bets in the lottery (and there’s only 450 of them to ‘win’), then your best bet is to get involved! But don’t fret my friend, you’ll have more chances than ever to get involved. This year, there’ll...

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Power to the Paddock!

Heyo! Theme Camps… we know that bringing an awesome camp to Kiwiburn requires a lot of effort, and things can get a bit costly. If you’ve been saving your Theme Camp pennies for a shiny new generator to bring more Paddock doof (or a freezer for ice cream, or a crazy...

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Join the Crew

Believe it or not, we’re already halfway through this thing they call 2024! With only six months to go until the Burn, we at Kiwiburn have officially set our watches to Crunch-Time. Next year’s Burn is set to be a big ‘un which means we need every Volunteer position...

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