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Meet our new Comms 2iC: Jo Legutko

We are doing some reshuffling in the Comms team, with the result that Jo Legutko, our EFP writer, is stepping into the Comms 2iC role, and we have room to recruit new EFP writers now (The Best Job!!!).  What follows is an interview by Jo with Jo on what Jo does:...

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Let us Begin Again

Kiwiburn 2022 was the Burn that wasn’t - it encountered Covid and backed politely away, ensuring our safety at the expense of our beautiful self expression. It was mourned in myriads of mini-burns, campfires and in our burning hearts. And now it’s March: the Burn is...

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Site Safety

The Site Safety Facilitator works with all the other teams (Theme camps, arts, etc) to make sure that what they are making is safe for everyone to interact with. It’s all fun and NOBODY gets hurt, is the motto here. There is also a big component of Fire Safety  -...

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The Wellbeing Facilitator is a new role, pulling together all aspects of looking after mental and physical wellbeing of participants, volunteers, and any other humans who might be involved in the Burn. This means you look after the Black Sheep Rangers, the Medics,...

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Kiwiburn welcomes our accounting overlords! If your default world talents include working with money, budgets, spreadsheets, debits and credits - this is your chance to apply your skills in a creative context that will not get you arrested.  The treasurer is a lone...

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The Crew Facilitator looks after alllll the peeeeeople (so many people) who volunteer at Kiwiburn. By our last count, that’s a lot! Volunteer support includes recruiting volunteers, providing training, providing Crew Assistance and support (burn out is a Burn thing!),...

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The Infrastructure Facilitator looks after the physical structures of Kiwiburn: If you build it, they will come. This includes wrangling the Ministry of Public Works (MPW), Sanitation (yum!), Town Planning (the great who goes where and why debate) and finally also...

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Needed: EFP writers!

Ok, so this is LITERALLY the best volunteer job at Kiwiburn. Hands down. No contest. This is a completely unbiased opinion which cannot be argued with as it is an objective truth. Glad we are on the same page here! EFP writers are beautiful golden elves whose honeyed...

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