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We want to hear from you! 

The Census for Kiwiburn 2021 is out! Tell us what you thought, a bit about yourself and what we can do better! This is one of the ways we can gauge feedback from a wide group of participants, learn a bit more about...

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Hot topic: Photography at the Burn

There has been a lot of post-burn discussion on the subject of photography at the Burn. Times are changing, people have more of a need perhaps to share their experiences with others in these times and some rules were not clearly understood or followed. This means a...

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Lost Property

Did you lose your marbles on the Paddock or find someone else’s mind (which is now terrifying you and needs to be returned)? Connect the dots at the Kiwiburn Depot’s Lost Property Page. There you can see pictures of All The Things that get handed in and are not...

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Burning to help?

Was it magic? Did it blow your mind? Did you think “I want to help?” or “I wanna be one of those cool kids with the radios?” Are the cockles of your heart still burning with an urge to participate? We are looking for year-round volunteers to help make Kiwiburn happen...

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Facebook Admission Questions

In the aftermath of every Kiwiburn, the Facebook group, gets some serious traffic, including from those who wish to join the fun next time. If you invite friends to join this group, please ensure they answer all three questions in order to be admitted. We see A LOT of...

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Adjusting to the Default World

It’s been a week now since the Paddock emptied its population of tired, sunburnt and burned-out yet blissful Burners into the rest of the land. Many of us have returned to our urban jungles and office jobs wondering, how do I adjust to the default world? Never fear,...

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Kiwiburn 2021: Mythical Picnic

This will be our 17th Kiwiburn! Wow, how did we get to that many already?? Many volunteers will be needed for the event, so think about how you can contribute. Built on the guiding principles of Burning Man, Kiwiburn is a collective experience. Everybody contributes,...

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Who is ready for a PAAAAAARTY in a Paddock? 

The Paddock has been evolving, growing, building, and forming into the glorious thing that will be Kiwiburn 2021!  The weather is looking quite good, especially Wednesday will be hot and heavy. Otherwise might be a bit cooler than normal, so come prepared with an...

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Survival Guide 2021 is out!

Photo-credit Andy Flint In the spirit of better late than never, and JUST IN TIME: >>deep breath<< Here is your 2021 Survival Guide.  There are a few things that are different this year, such as Gate hours, some Covid stuff and a few other bits and bobs,...

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Lost and Found Reminder

Things get lost! Especially when you are having fun. Do look after your things and try to keep your wits and stuff about you. When something does get left behind, here is a reminder of how it works: Theme Camps manage their own lost and found - bits of clothing,...

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