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Kiwiburn 2021 Town Map Out Now

Drum roll please... the Map for this year's Kiwiburn is out now! Huge thanks to our amazing Town Planning team - who have nailed this one, it looks incredible Can you feel it in the air??? We can. Kiwiburn 2021 is just around the corner, the excitement is palpable,...

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Kiwiburners’ Guide to the Rangitīkei

We encourage you to do as much of your shopping as you can in the local Rangitīkei district. It’s one way of thanking the community for having us – and it also saves you lots of leg-room on the journey there! The Rangitīkei District Council have put together an...

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Danger Cliff!

Saga three, help a girl out….. Can we have a chat about cliffs? You can fall off ‘em, they can fall on you. They are generally more hazardous  than expected and in the context of Kiwiburn create way more controversy than you would give a geographic feature credit...

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What to Do and Not To Do!

Just a little over a week to go folks! Excited? You should be! Here is a wee reminder of the things to be mindful off: Do pack enough water, sunscreen, warm clothes (it does get chilly at night), sanitiser and torches/lights Do slip, slap and slop. The sun is rather...

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Safety FIRST!

With Kiwiburn just over a week away, it’s time to refresh your site safety preparation. No one wants to go to all the trouble of getting on the Paddock, only to go home with a hole in their foot on day two. Below are some of the things you can do at your camps to...

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Come and Meet your ExCom members

Wanna know more about what it takes to make Kiwiburn happen from an executive committee and camp facilitators point of view? Here is your chance to come and meet those who do these roles year-round. Get your questions answered and find out what it is involved. Who...

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What? When? HOW! 

If you need to find out what’s happening where, and when, check out the bulletin board at the Depot for unregistered/last minute events. You can also add your event to it once you are there!  This board will magically turn into a rideshare board come Sunday...

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A Message from the Medics:

Our Medics are Kiwiburn veterans. They see a lot of people needing bandaids, hydration, and many wishing they had remembered their prescription medications. They have a quick message for you. Please remember to bring: Your prescription medications Epi pens if you need...

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