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Crystal Ceremony

Enter the magical medicine space and float into an alter of quartz crystals with gentle music. Lie down in a circle of pillows and receive a misted unicorn blessing. I’ll use my selenite wands, celestial crystals, sage, and sound bowls to clear energies with sacred...

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Bardcore Afternoon

Hear ye, hear ye.... the cardboard kingdom hath opened its gates! Frivolities abound 'round the cardboard castle. Mayhap thee shall craft and swing a cardboard sword, tape togeth'r cardboard armor for a dungeon crawl, or be sway'd by the stylings of...

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Expecting mamas and papas meet n’ greet

Bring your baby belly and meet your fellow breeders on the Paddock and get high on good company and the sweet scents of sage. Preload with Shirley Temples, Virgin Marys and crushed up mints. Note, baby belly not required.

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Primal Polyrhythmic hand drumming session

Bring you'r drum or you'r dancing feet, and let's get rootsy. Polyrhythmic bliss awaits you as we trance and dance our way into the night. Lead by a group of professional percussionists, latch on to a rhythm and lets bridge the earth and the heavens, add to the rhythm...

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Band Night

Calling all Band member, and audiences. Now is your chance to perform/ dance at Kiwiburn on a rocking stage with a thumping pa. Get in contact with us at Pangea to book you'r set on the lineup. Full backline provided and some instruments available. Bar will be open...

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Grains Live

Live double deluge soundscapes playing alongside live drumming for y'all ear holes

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Hugging 101

Hugging is one of those rare things that has the power to greatly improve our mood, and yet all too often we don't take advantage of it. Come learn a bit about the ins and outs of a great hug, as well as some techniques for better platonic (or not) bodily contact. At...

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Travel by bicycle Q & A

We spent three years cycling from USA to South America. We'll answer any questions you have about who, what, where, why, how and, oh, what the hell, even when. About our trip or cycle touring in general. Pro tip, cemeteries aren't always deserted at night,...

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Home brew sharing

Bring your home made brews to share with other home brew enthusiasts. Discuss and share successes, failures, ideas, and dreams. activities may include blind taste testing, judging, and critiques for those who want them.

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What does a burn with a purpose look like?

Join us in exploring the general concept of a Burn with a purpose. We will then dive further into looking at a possible event just out of Paeroa, hopefully later this year, with plans of the usual workshops as well things permaculture, composting toilets, off grid set...

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