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Intergalactic Worm Wrestling

Species from all over the galaxy are invited to partake in the intergalactic championship or egg on their favourite contestant. Worm wrestling takes place on the ground with both contestants embodying the physical qualities of a worm (Ie no use of arms and legs glued...

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Quiz night

Surprise rounds, general nonsense, creative challenges, heckling and miscounting. Are you better than everyone else? Probably.

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Food for All

We are delighted to be able to cook for all of us, vegetarians, vegans and meat eaters. Feel free to come before serving time and have a look at our camp members preparing and cooking an Argentinean "asado", a great traditional way of cooking large amount of food on...

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The Paradoxical Pop-up Night Market

Welcome to the Paradox Market, a medina in the vein of the great space westerns. We invite all you hawkers and hustlers, and scoundrels and snake oil sales-aliens to bring your wares to the market tonight—we'll provide the stalls and the sucke– erm, customers.

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The Creative Bunt

Do you have a fire for creation, love a bit of paint by numbers or just want to put your mark on the page? This year you can do all of that and more in a joint creation project that is so steezy it's gonna be part of Steeze! Come hang out with us, drink and paint...

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Queefing workshop

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the percussion/wind instrument that’s with you at all times? Then come along to the Queef workshop to learn how to master the art of Queefing. Vagina essential. Please note: This event is held at the art project - The...

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Decolonising Kiwiburn

Nau mai, haere mai ki Tangerine Steeze ki te kōrero mō te purenga ihomatua o Kiwiburn! This will be a workshop and open discussion on decolonisation and how we can decolonise Kiwiburn, and in the process, ourselves. If you consider Aotearoa to be your home, then...

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Back, Sack and Crack Wax

Ever wondered what it feels like to have hot wax poured all over your you-know-what? What glorious delights might be hiding under all that hair? What you look like truly naked? Well now’s your chance to spread your wings (and your butt cheeks) and let those family...

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How to Deal with Disappointment

Disappointment can be… well… disappointing. And disappointment sucks. After the great big disappointment that was 2020, we thought we all needed a bit of a pep talk. Come along to learn our best kept secret for dealing with disappointment.

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Dancing Freedom with JuJu

EveryBODY welcome to a movement journey on the open dance floor, to music in tune with the glorious natural elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. No steps, no way to do it wrong, just gentle guidance towards total freedom and flow. You can get your freak on,...

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