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Ashes to Ashes

Yoga and Bowie What else is there to say? Let's make some shapes, shed our old skin, and turn to face the strange. Gentle yoga, live acoustic guitar and vocals all dedicated to Mr Bowie.

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A Soft Landing Pad

Blankets of music and pillows of sound. Creation of a space for togetherness and reflection.

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Sexy Sousaphone, Sax, Strings and other things

Do you like sound? I sure do. Do you like it when the groove hits and you go, mmmmm. Well then, do I have the event for you. Get on down for a boogie with a dynamic trio of musicians, bringing a mixture of sousaphone/sax, trumpet, guitar, vocals, and drum kit! Bring...

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Dino-sore neck and shoulder massage

Are you dino-sore? Might a 10 mins massage help? You bet jurass-it-can! Come get a neck and shoulder massage from our pterrific crew at Dinotopia. You should feel like dinomite afterwards!

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Mudfight of Love

There is Mud, and there is Love... And there are 2 almost fully naked teams! (keep your knickers on). 2 colors of mud or clay will decide who the winning team is. Need I explain more? Come and have some fun. Please note that the consent for this game will be less...

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Yoga Rhapsody

Come and join us for some gentle yoga, accompanied by the soothing sounds of live acoustic guitar and vocals. A slow and steady journey of mindful movement to help us settle in and ground. Meet your body exactly where it is...before setting off on the wild adventures...

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Lead Acid Battery Revival

You thought that battery was ruined? NOT SO! bring your dead acid batteries to this workshop learn a bunch of tricks of the trade guaranteed to breathe new life into your failing cells. Success guaranteed or Workshop presenter will submit to your spanking.

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Conscious JuicyJams

Melted your brain at the Burn? Come and reconnect with yourself and the space, bring something cosy/comfortable and melt into the JuicyJams. Real life musos, making real life sounds, offering real conscious words for collective grounding. Drop into the moment and the...

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The Sultry Souk

Stroll on down to the Paradox market this morning and explore the delights on offer: curiosities and oddities from all over the galaxy—some of it is even legal in the inner worlds! From gastronomic genitalia to space insurance, there's something for everyone.

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