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Space Positivity

Is the Moon made out of cheese? Fancy a stroll down the Milky Way? Have a chat about space? Give your feet a break from the beats and let your mind wander around the craters and inside the valleys of our Moon, all through a wee telescope 😉

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The ARTery Presents….”The Art Wankers” – Art Tour

We are the “Art Wankers!....Going on a tour”! Meet at the ARTery to join the conga-line as we bounce between art installations. Listen for the megaphone & jump on and off as you like. Includes special cameo appearances from internationally renowned conceptual...

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Hat & Robe Party

Got a hat? Got a robe? This will be the party for you. Carrying on our longstanding tradition, our annual Hat & Robe Party is the silkiest, steeziest event on the Paddock. DJ's will be spinning the finest tunes to move and groove to, so come join us and dance the...

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Contact Dance Improvisation

CONTACT- as in being in touch with yourself, other humans, items, the ground, plants... DANCE - as in moving your body to music, bird songs, wind, water sounds... IMPROVISATION - as in being non-judgemental and follow your flowCome along for a couple of guided...

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Open Mic Night & Jam Space

The Paradox Cantina is officially open for a second year! We welcome musically inclined creatures from across the galactic Paddock to stroll on down with your favourite instrument (the weirder the better) and engage in some improvisational play.

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Fruit Salad Party

Peel off those layers and come get fruity with us at the Steeze! With a fresh new sound system, a delicious assortment of DJ's playing the tastiest tunes, this will surely be a juicy evening for the senses.

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BJJ Open Mat

Here to frolic around the Paddock, but missing your padded murder-yoga room? Come down to Camp No-fun for a BJJ open mat - let's have some friendly rolls! Those that attended the beginner workshop can also experience what it's like to be grabbed by a jiu-jitsu...

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Beginner Workshop

After a long night, what is less fun than morning exercise and a healthy dose of pain? This is consensual non-consent without getting off! We’ll start with a basic history of jiu-jitsu before moving to some warmup and exercise drills, as well as learning and...

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Christians @ Burning Man?

For devout and recovering Christians alike... Sometimes it is comforting to hang out with others who have been part of the Christian headspace. Come and chat, and hear about of being part of "Religious As Fuck" a theme camp at Burning Man with 50% clergy, started by...

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