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The Night Parade

Calling all glow bugs and musos. Bring your noise makers, your LED props, and help us to welcome the first night of the Burn. Gather at Playhouse near 9pm, and we'll set off for a lap around the Paddock in a procession of light, mirth, and music. This event may be of...

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Tangerine Jam pt.1

Come on down to the steeziest musical jam on the Paddock! Get ready to rock out to some live music created on the spot. Instruments will be provided, but feel free to bring your own. Whether you're a musician or a music lover, just bring yourself and be ready to get...

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Toy Speed Friending

We aren’t the only ones who need friends, our stuffed companions do too! Like speed dating with real people, but with friends and toys. Bring your own squashy friend or borrow one of ours and get mingling!

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Contact Improv Jam

Let's play together, through movement and connection. Contact improvisation is a movement practice where the point of contact between two bodies is the point of movement exploration. It can be fun, surprising, moving and alll sorts of other emotions - but mostly...

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Purity Pool of Soft Friends

Tell me your secrets or confess your sins: Spill the Fluff! Then you can wade, leap and dive into the softest of the soft, the paddley-poolest that is the coolest! Once you’ve been cleansed of your impurities, we want you to come relax in this micro sea of soft toys...

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Stories with Teo

Come, stay a while and listen, if you will, to (fictional) stories of Tkendara’Lyanor, the Wordsmiths Laniumn Laghroz, Nazghul’Lamanor and other notable characters of the worlds from which they walked and will once again walk.

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People’s Court of the Paddock

Natasha I-D-G-A-F, is back with the newest reality Paddock show for 2021! Is your camp having arguments about who stole who's bananas, or are you having inter-camp war about couches? Come settle your petty dramas at the newly created peoples court and present your...

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Murder your friends! Make a new friend and murder them, too! The classic game of assassin. You'll be given a target and a description of an item you must find and tag your target with. Sign up at Playhouse on Thursday before 6pm, more detailed rules available in...

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