Kiwiburn will be held 24 - 29 January 2024

Photo courtesy of John Williams

Recent News

STEP is now closed!

Any unsold tickets will revert back to their original owner. If you want to buy or sell a ticket, you now need to do this using Quicket’s Ticket Transfer feature. The method of payment is now between the seller and the buyer, so please use common sense and exercise...

Getting help on the Paddock

Medical Emergencies Medics are located in the blue building  in front of the crew area located at the back corner of Temple Paddock. Find someone with a radio (Rangers, Depot, Security, Site Manager) and get them to call the medics if the person is unable to be...

Event Guide and Site Map online

Event Guide and Site Map online

The 2018 Event Guide is now able to be downloaded here. Weighing in at a whopping 20 pages this year, it also includes a site map. Where will you be camping? Consider bringing a bicycle this year as the Paddock has expanded a little and it might help you get around....

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