The next Kiwiburn will be held inJanuary 2025
Exact dates to be confirmed
Stay tuned and we’ll see you on the Paddock!

Recent News

Local paper on the Paddock

The Manawatu Standard arrived on the Paddock on Wednesday and our media team showed them round the site. Their observations are here.

Radical Self-reliance

Kiwiburn is built on the ten principles of Burning Man. Number four is Radical Self-reliance; you need to bring EVERYTHING you need to survive with you, including water, whether you’re a Theme Camp or a happy camper. There will be no access to farm water. It is not...

Respect our Burn Perimeter!

At the Effigy and Temple burns, we take special safety precautions to make sure our participants and the firefighters who help us with our burns are safe. DO NOT CROSS THE BURN PERIMETER! It is clearly marked out around each big burn and patrolled by volunteers and...

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